Get It Off Your Chest


This is mental. Insurance companies are just one big cartel.


They need to be taken down big time. I paid less than 300 in 2015. Am being quoted twice that now. No claims. No points. And I read Aviva are in the clover profit wise this week.


The Aul lads car is a 16 yr old Civic Saloon and can still get her insured. Still load of bollox though that insurers are doing this


But they’re not making money … greatest scam ever … what the f*** is the regulator doing? Paying dividends now … after shafting everyone for a few hundred euro.


The regulater ? Don’t be under any elusion that the regulater operates in the consumers interest. The energy regulater was solely responsible for enforcing the agenda to bring competition to the electricity market. The Esb went from supplying the 2nd cheapest energy in Europe to the 2nd dearest, while also being in a position to make the state a €500 million payment at the end of each year. When still no competitor entered the market having highly inflated the electricity price to entice them, they got bord gais to duly oblige as a reseller of electricity. Electricty should be treated as a necessity and supplied to domestic consumers at least, on a non profit basis.
Compare the drive for competition in the electricity market with the refusal to entertain any competition to the Dublin airport authority ( daa ). Ryanair were prepared to build another airport on the south side and allow any airline land or take off from it. It would have provided direct competition to Dublin airport and pushed prices down. It possibly would have reduced the pressure on the north side infrastructure and reduced travel times and costs. Financed by private money it was a win, win for the consumer.


ESB has one of the highest cost bases in the country. Pay, perks and work practices without compare.

Why? Because they can…


100% , they are an example of what an organisation can get away with when allowed act with impunity. Bord Gais very similar although a lot of their work is now subcontracted.
Insurance companies , like the banks can add on any premium they want . So basically the people that matter in their organisations can still get their six figures sums irrelevant of how the economy is doing.
Why because the country is run by unqualified people in these matters. Who just bend a knee and make sure their pensions are ok. Unfortunately I have to say it but a good proportion of these are of teachers. Probably one of the most unqualified group of people to deal in the real world.
Because they are generally through their careers cocooned from the real world.


The ills of the health service and even RTE are based on this too … may never be healed. Ingrained bad work practices and entitlement.

I was talking to a well known GAA manager recently and said to him that if the likes of the health services, ESB etc had improved their performance levels as much as some intercounty teams in the last 15 years we’d have a great little country …


I quite admire the standard of remission the Esb employees enjoy and would like that to be the norm for employees right across the national workforce. I have a problem with the level at which the company is endulged by the state at the expense of the consumer and citizen. A standing charge for the meter, an environmental Leavy, a reconnection charge, a low usage charge, a free run on above ground distribution it goes on and on, no accountability to the domestic consumer required or given .


No country could absorb that as the norm.
Good luck to them , but it’s a case of above the law.


When you have the power you can do anything …


We do not have a ‘common good’ ethos in our genes. We don’t do competitiveness in this country … unless we have no other choice. And as soon as choices arise we revert back to type … greed … not can I make a profit but how can I make the absolute maximum profit.

You’d almost think you could take it with you …


We are a fantastic little country of taxing the bollix out of the taxpayer and finding every way possible to charge them for everything. Shure we are great little country. Éir own every landline and it’s thirty euros of the bat for any broadband connection before a discount is applied.


I don’t know where to post this so here it is. The clocks go forward tonight in Trumpyland and I was reminded of a time in Dublin many moons ago when we were admonished by the mentor, when he was going home to his good wife at 11.15," to remember that when you crawl into bed at half two it’s half three and the match is at half eleven." “Do the right thing tonight lads.” Deaf ears.


Have to get this off my chest …

KERRY 0-11


Would that not mean ‘employees’ get a bigger share of the profits. It is a pity other companies public/private & private won’t give a fairer share of their profits to employees, instead of subcontracting & using employment agency’s to undermine direct employment.




Car was broken into earlier this evening while I was at a gig. Luckily nothing taken (I wasn’t working this evening so no money in the car, not that I would leave any in it when I wasn’t there) & thankfully they smashed the driver’s window while not forcing the locks or busting the door.

Parked up in a well lit space & there was a (hopefully operating) CCTV next to the car so here’s hoping they can identify the little scut


Never picked you out as an Erasure fan with all the heavy metal links you proclaim! :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that Dave, it’s an epidemic these days. Glad to hear nothing taken, hope no serious damage and you can get it fixed quick.