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You get charged top dollar at the airport but try to find one of the smaller companies, maybe National. Budget used to be good, so did Enterprise, don’t know if they’re just the same as all the others now.

Where are you going to? If you want to save money I’d get a coach from the airport to where you’re first stop is and then hire the car from there


Car hire was covered by one of the radio stations consumer affairs programmes, a while back. It might have been the pat Kenny show on newstalk. From memory the advice was book online before you arrive, get a separate insurance other than the car hire company’s and they mentioned a couple of pitfalls like fuel level on return and mileage .
They mentioned one particular online insurance company for being very good. You might get the show on a podcast. This might be worth a look if all else fails


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Usually I would brush over most if not all of these stories. I see it as a disease of the net. But a hen in a wheelchair news story, stop it’s not right. I would give that hen a warm room at 180’ for 55 minutes and good lash salt.


I usually have a look on skyscanner, they check most companies and you can get good deals. The one thing I’d be wary of is the excess they hold on your card, some of them hold up to €5k on your card but most hold between €1500 and €2500 depending on the size of the car. They do this even if you have insurance with another company.

Also, for some reason keeping the rental below 15 days makes it a lot cheaper so if you are staying more than 2 weeks you should try to start a new rental after the first 14 days.

I’ve been renting cars here for the past 6 months so let me know if you have any other questions


Here is the fella charged in connection with the Murder of Garda Adrian Donohoe in Dundalk.

Some rap sheet and he did his best to evade capture… What is it with GAA men providing character references for scumbags. This time was the turn of Tony McEntee.

Is this fella is indeed found guilty I hope he gets the full 40 years in prison for capital murder.


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He’ll get it thankfully . Judge has no choice afaik


Wonder what McEntee thinks now? There should be capital punishment for the shooting of a Garda or a judge.


Anyone any idea about Aer Lingus tax and charges?

I had booked meself and 12 year old to Manchester and got hit with tax and charges of €79 for me and €65 for him. Circumstances meant I ended up having to change the flights to summer hols (cost €160 charge) and the other tax and charges stood. I then booked the other half and daughter separately on same flights and the total charge was €73 for them. I queried it and now they say it should be €73 each!! FFS. Last year I booked all four of us in one go and the total was €73!! If I mention this they’ll probably look for another €219 for last year! It all seems very arbitrary - cheap flights me hole. Anyone know what the charges should be?


I think they are nearly worse that Ryanair at this stage for their charges and additional add ons but for some reason get away scott free in the main.
At least Ryanair are upfront about their add ons and charges


It vaires depending on the airport you’re flying into and out of. Charges in the UK are ridiculously high. These have little or nothing to do with Aer Lingus. They are airport charges and government taxes that the airlines collect on their behalf. Sometimes airlines will swallow the charges, for example when having a sale. That may have happened to you.


After about 20 years of ripping people off. Aer Lingus are no worse than any other airline. In fact their structure is pretty much the same as Ryanair in terms of pricing now.


Thanks @alanoc. Last year it was €73 for all 4 of us to same airport. There was a bit of messing with me having to change lad and my flight from UK to Spain this year but they left the UK taxes and then €73 for the missus and daughter. I checked 2016 for same airport and they charged €73 for two adults and another €73 for the kids. They just seem to make it up as they go along.


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If that copper dies. Shit will hit the fan in a big way


I don’t think it will. Too much Russian money flowing through London.