Get It Off Your Chest


You must have one of those jackets as well? :grin: yes lad is total numpty as well!


A shirt and tie and a biker jacket?
He looks like he was dressed by a committee.


Who does he think he is? Billy ‘The Animal’ Mooney?


Seems like a right prick


i’m lovin it


He certainly doesn’t like his good name been tarnished . Pistols at dawn next .




This guy’s a crackpot.


I hope to god he isn’t still teaching is he?

He needs to be assessed.


What’s wrong with our judicial system, that he’s let bring these crack pot cases in the first place?


Legal Eagles get paid.


And how … win, lose or draw.

I say old chap, I think we need a judicial review on that …


Yeh it’s the legal Prof that’s truly the crims there. Yer man is obviously touched, needs help really.


Suffers from an ancient condition called assholeitis I suspect! Watch his claims for the accidents in the snow!


Be careful, if he reads this tread he might sue you


Dermot Morgan dead 20 years today (RIP).

A selection of Father Teds funniest moments.


I preferred it when social media was all memes and immature jokes. Being constantly beaten around the head about equality, discrimination and racism is a drag.


For me it’s given certain types of journalist a much bigger platform to peddle their views. Twittter for me is the single most social platform that I can’t hang around on to long. It brings ya right down.


Lads just wondering. Based in UK. Looking to rent a car in Ireland at the airport. Any companies yous recommend. Or what to watch out for?