Get It Off Your Chest


Some of the stuff is disgusting and of course shithead Jnr is promoting it


Aidan McAnespie was murdered by a British soldier. They had previously told him that they were going to kill him. Then they did it.


Roberto Firmino cleared by FA over Mason Holgate racism allegations


“Not sufficient evidence”…
FA are “completely satisfied that the allegation was made in absolute good faith by Holgate and that there is no suggestion of this being an intentionally false or malicious allegation”.

So, what DID make Holgate so angry? I wonder would he consider a civll case like the wat Anton Ferdinand took one against John Terry?


Wonder what he was supposed to have sad to him. Like I said, some people are very quick to play the race card


Holgate should say something. He should either do what Anton Ferdinand did (take a civil action) or else issue a statement himself accepting that Firmino did not say anything racist and that he himself (Holgate) made a genuine mistake. If he is sure that something was said (as he seemed at the time) and took a civil action, the burden of proof would be on Firmino to prove he didn’t say anything racist.


I thought at the time and I still believe that Holgate thought he was in trouble for the push and played the race card.


So he should come out and say that, in hindsight, Firmino did/said nothing wrong. But what you say goes against the part where the FA says that the allegation was made in good faith.


If the FA told me my name I’d check my birth cert.



The onus is on Holgate, though. If he says nothing, there’s a cloud over Firmino.


If anyone, I’d say the cloud is over Holgate but it’s all about perception isn’t it?


All the more reason why he should say something.


I hope he’s deported when he gets out.


We both know that rarely happens. I’d be more of the fucker getting a disease that causes him to lose all dignity and self esteem and has to rely on the kindness of strangers to breath. That will sort the rapist fucker out.


That’s racist or something with ist in it Beeko! I hope he gets beaten to pulp in prison, and that he doesn’t survive.


Fucking chancer


Howth … Chancer indeed , what did he expect in McDonalds ffs . Fair play the lads taking the piss out of him .


This lad is teaching? wearing that leather jacket? ifs.


The problem is not the jacket. It’s that he’s clearly a total tool.


McDonald’s have been awarded legal costs but they won’t follow that up, no deterrent to stop people bringing these claims against restaurants and shops. The benefits from bringing a claim like that far out weigh the possible sanctions