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… and the Attorney General is appointed by the sitting government - not ideal when most legislation that goes through the two houses is on foot of government policy.


The Attorney General is the legal adviser to the Government. The President may seek advice from the Council of State on certain matters.


Thanks for clarifying.


In fairness to him, I think that was said in the context of his age and health at the time.

If he’s fit and able to why not stand for election again? He’s certainly not as odious as most of the other numptys who would put themselves forward for the position. We’d either end up with a retired politician or a “celebrity” candidate (Nobo or Bob Smelldof) or some other self indulgent winker.


What about @Nappertandy ? On the age thing - wouldn’t consider it a lie - surely we are all entitled to a change of mind?


Or his press advisor, as Higgins was one of the first to break the pay cap back in 2012. But sure whats 20,000 amongst champagne socialists! :slight_smile: Can’t disagree with the fact that he has represented us well abroad. Don’t care for his annual address where he talks complete and utter bollox, easy to do when yer waited on hand and foot and getting yer arse wiped. I do hope someone, anyone can give him a run for his money as the last time he got a lot of help from the Media and RTE, I am sure brown envelope guy is still seething over the live debate.


Higgins is not fair off that either.


I’d take him over;
Angry Joe Higgins
Paul posh boy anarchist Murphy
Joooan Brutal
Gerry Adams

Now if Jim Gavin wanted the gig, that would be a horse of a different colour…


Can’t disagree with that list except for Joe Higgins. Only thing worse than an angry socialist is a champagne one. Ok apart from Jim Gavin and King Berno who else would make a decent president? No one from RTE allowed that can ■■■■ right off.


If the old woman that lived in the shoe Miriam O’Callaghan went up as is mooted surely she would have the “unbiased” Rte push behind her like Mickey D in the last election


Mary Loo saying their needs to be an election held regardless in the interests of democracy. The same Mary Loo who was elected SF President unopposed…


He’s done very well from the public purse for decades and despite claiming that wouldn’t he’s staying on the gravy train.

On that basis alone I won’t vote for him. Just another lying politician.


Would you consider putting yourself forward Alan? We need a gregarious and forward thinking person in the position.


An absolute disgrace that successive governments have at in this and kept schtum.


I giving it serious thought, with you behind me, how could I lose !


No surprise there.


What are they covering up (apart from a dodgy British Army soldier’s story)? Was this remaining under wraps part of the Good Friday agreement?


I reckon I need to be careful what I post. Don’t wish to bring Res. Dubs. into any form of disrepute.
Put it this way, the PSNI Historical Enquiries Team report stated that the explanation given by the soldier who “dropped” his GPMG was the “least likely version” of what happened.
Also stated that the chances of a GPMG being dropped, the trigger depressing, & then hitting him in the back were “ so remote as to be virtually disregarded”.
I reckon the Crowley report is far more damning & Justice Minister is reluctant to release it, especially given the current political situation here.
I know from experience that encountering UDR/British Army on the way to GAA games here could be extremely unpleasant.
Where it happened is Daller’s neck of the woods, he might be prepared to offer an opinion.


I would concur. I think it’s a lot to do with the current situation rather than covering up anything deliberately


The ricocheting bullet is also hardly credible.