Get It Off Your Chest


Ah he’s a bit of a dumb bell


Behind parallel bars?


I heard the case wasn’t due for a while but he got it pushed up


If he’s any good he’ll have it squatched.

Thank you.

** Bows gracefully **


Hopefully no c*nt screengrabbed before I got my ninja edit in.





The Gooch has really let himself go with all that charity success


Think you’re insulting the Sasquatch with that comparison.


This should’ve be banned outright. The bulshit tip toeing around this is outrageous. People flaunting the law and pavee point can’t even condemn it. Country is simply ducked up.


“Sure 'tis our culture boss”

They’ll play the racism card if they try to ban it


They want to do it in a field go ahead but not at the taxpayers expense no thanks


Annoying thing is that’s probably what will happen. A taxpayer funded area


Stop being racist! It’s like female genital mutilation and Ibrahim from Firhouse. It’s all okay now. Suck it up.


With small businesses disappearing in ever greater numbers, does anyone really care or will we wait till all is lost .


Night John Boy … night Jim Bob … night Mary Ellen …


This is tough reading well worth a read .
Barry Bennell: the predatory Pied Piper who made stars and shattered lives


Hope that bàstard burns in hell. You have to wonder is he the reason why Gary Speed did what he did to himself.


Less getting it of the chest and more discussion and I don’t want to give the wee man his own thread he gets his arsed wiped enough as it is.

But three things. He told porkies that he would only run for one term and do we actually a president? Do you think Higgins has been a good president? Discuss’


I’d argue we do need a figure head for the state, and that for the role it is, he has been a tremendous ambassador for us. The presidential role of not signing certain things into law is one that I’d like to see kept, afaik, he takes advice from the attorney general on these matters also. That for me is an issue to do with all presidents and not just Michael D… And probably something that’s way over my head as I’m not as up on our constitution as I should be!