Get It Off Your Chest


There has to be more than just a few victims of his cons . I know first hand around 6


Tried to do me, but I ended up getting tickets and the money back. Have all the chats etc saved in a file, just found it, 27 pages long!


How long was it at this racket ?


26 of the pages were you talking sh1te though ?


Yea most of it, how did you know?


That was me.
I asked on here back in Dec 15 if it was possible to buy a parnell pass at that time of the year. That left me wide open to a pm telling me it would be no problem. He then tried to sell me adele tickets which I didnt want but a friend of mine did when she heard about it.
Thats how it happened.
Its good to see his ugly mush in the paper under the conman heading though.


fair play on following it through


I had heard there was way more than 2 people pressing charges though, wonder why they didn’t throw them all at him at the one time


Mad ■■■■.


just an educated guess !


You, Educated?


Maybe they are taking civil actions?


He is devious. Was is it him that said he was depressed on the old site before all of the shit hit the fan?


Nearly got done too, around the All Ireland final in 2013 or 15 I think when I thought I would be short of the golden ticket, cant recall the exacts but when I pressed we exchange in person etc. Then It came out shortly after that.


Yes , we pmed regularly at the time . If I’d known it was all bullshit …


the most educated Ballymunner after Philly !


That clears it up , thought I missed a secret all Ireland final !


Is his name Gym?


Does that mean he’ll get a long stretch?


Is he for the high jump?