Get It Off Your Chest


Did you actually read the piece?

Read what Diane Krueger has to say about a similar scene in Inglorious Basterds. May as well get the whole story while we’re at it.


37 years later and the families of 48 people are still waiting for answers and some level of justice.




Well Well Well… I played football with him at Peregrines back in the early noughties. Never thought he would turn into that.


Is this Falcon in the flesh ?




He did well only to have to pay up that sum .


Thats him, usb to be called Cookie. He was also if I can recall correctly in the Resser Teams photo on the old site.


The law finally caught up with him , sick puppy .


Correct. More to come too by all accounts.


No money for his victims … cigarettes are expensive mind you …


The man who put the Rob in Robert…


And put “thieving cnut” in Robert Thieving Cnut Keogh.


Did anyone else here have dealings with him in real life ?


You can gather a few of us did.


Being caught out once can happen but what gaa match in dec would require you to pay some one 170 euro for a ticket?


Interesting to see my old PE teacher is Falcon’s barrister


Ahh yes I was lucky n a fella we both knew ensured I was looked after. He tried to blow it off as a funny misunderstanding. Nice kinda lad :scream:


Hopefully, judging by the amount of horror stories doing the rounds.