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Man , I’ve had that thought many , many times . But I’d wonder if you’d appreciate like we do now . For me the Britpop period was my 60’s period . But then I got into the grunge music . I only appreciated Pearl Jam many years after their most productive period . But I did get to appreciate Soundgarden & Stone Temple Pilots . I loved u2 but I missed out on the 80s and was about 3 years behind Achtung Baby . I got into them after Zooropa . Got to really enjoy All That You Can’t Leave Behind & How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb . I haven’t listened to or bought any of their albums since .


Yeah I get that but it’s impossible to know how massive the impact on society, on people the truly groundbreaking sounds of the times had in the context of the 60s, without having been there. Not to know but to know what it was like. All the better in some ways to be able to do it as an onlooker like the scientist in the Time Machine because I wouldn’t have wanted to have actually lived through that time. Just to have observed some of it, as it happened.

In later years the impact of the latest new sounds of the top artists of the time became ever more diluted and less important. In the 60s it all came together in a context, a combination of factors, that won’t be repeated til another empire (like the West, Europe and the USA back then) has a similar set of circumstances including an explosion of musical creativity and culture, at a given moment.

A very good representation or glimpse of some of that context(from a particularly peculiar angle) is in the TV series The Crown, in the episodes that cover the early 60s. It hasn’t yet covered The Beatles etc, I can’t wait to see what they do with it.
I think 62-63 must go down as the greatest moments of cultural change in Britain, the USA, and the western world overall, since the advent of the Industrial Revolution or before. Nothing has been remotely the same since that period of about 18 months. The change from before til after was and continued to be like night and day.


Are you referring to JFKs assassination , the throws of despair it sent the country into ( USA ) and then the landing of the Beatles & how their music uplifted the country . And the consequential “British Invasion” of music ?
There’s no doubt the musical revolution inspired a cultural revolution. When musicians started to grow their hair long , it upset the apple cart . When John Lennon said " the Beatles were bigger than Jesus " . That upset alot of the Bible belt . The race riots , Vietnam , assassinations all over the gaff . JFK , RFK , MLK , Malcolm X . Religious issues. Civil rights movement in Northern Ireland. Women’s lib .
What a decade to revisit . The world completely changed forever more . There’s no doubt music played a part in changing the youths belief about certain subjects , rising up against the establishment.

There was a show I loved when I was a kid , Quantum Leap & it’s protagonist , Sam Beckett . I’m definitely taking that as a nod to our own Samuel Beckett , and a Dub :blush:. Loved the hook of the series " putting things right that once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home." He wouldn’t have been out of place in the 60s.


Nor would Oscar Wilde. In fact he inspired alot of the 60s spirit. Yes all the above and more. In Europe the old structures got swept away, to some extent, or had to change fast and radically. The outcome of this was still going on in the 90s. After that, since the first few years of the new millenium, I can’t help feel that a new revolution is about to happen, as so much inertia has dug in with the world of culture, and society, in the western world, not to mention all the corruption, loss of direction and inspiration, and the various massive global crises, with the rise of new superpowers also.

There is so little there now that I would call hugely inspirational to document in artistic and cultural terms what is going on


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