Get It Off Your Chest


They were for Tyrone.

That was the replay I was driving to I think.

Hopes dashed again.


Yip…it’s the losses that make the wins feel great.


I was reminded of that watching Derry Girls last night.


It’s one show I’ve yet to watch…but heard it’s getting good reviews and they’re commissioning another series.

They also have a translator for the C4 audience in England (and here)

• Broke: Embarrassed
• Broke to the bone: Hugely embarrassed
• Buncrana: A popular holiday destination
• Buzzing: Very happy
• Catch yourself on: “Don’t be so ridiculous”
• Chicken ball special: A local delicacy
• Class: Brilliant
• Craic: Fun, but also news e.g. “Tell us your craic?”
• Cracker: Beyond brilliant
• Critter: Someone who evokes sympathy e.g. “You poor Critter”
• Dose: An unbearable human being
• Eejit: Idiot
• Hi: A sound placed at the end of almost any sentence for no particularly reason e.g. “No problem hi”
• Gone: Please
• Head melter: Someone who causes you mental distress
• Lurred: Absolutely delighted
• Mind: “Do you remember?”
• Mouth: Someone prone to exaggeration
• Mucker: Friend
• No Bother: “That’s no trouble whatsoever”
• Raging: Annoyed/angry
• Ripping: Extremely annoyed / angry
• Saunter: “Be on your way”
• Slabber: A show off
• So it is/so I am: A phrase used for emphasis e.g. “I’m delighted, so I am”
• Start: To provoke e.g. “Don’t start me”
• Stall the ball: “Stop what you’re doing immediately”
• Tayto cheese and onion sandwich: A local delicacy
• Wain: A child or young person
• Watch yourself: Take care
• Wile: Very or Terrible
• Wise up: “Don’t be so stupid and/or immature”


"You’ll not tell me where to go in my own town ye orange bastards " :joy:


It’s more hit than miss, for me. I am enjoying it. The best character is the school’s head nun.


Oddly enough…maybe because it is so close to home, I’m inclined not to watch it as I’d be less believing…or more cynical.

Some of the local shows can be very clichéd…although Derry Girls is supposed to good.


Pity he didn’t get to the ■■■■■■■


Fair play to him, would do the same myself. Maybe they brought him to a holding cell and what would the chances of the dirt bird being brought there after the case by accident??


If it was my young one and I was sitting through that they would probably have to shoot me to stop me.
Some people are just so vile being in the same room makes your skin crawl and then to think they where at your daughter :exploding_head:


Remember “A reason to kill”? When I saw it first I had no intention of having children at the time, never mind have any… And I was emotional watching that! I’d f*****g murder any ■■■■■■■ that tried to hurt my kids now!!!


Seems that yer man was in the room when his daughters were being abused. Nasser would position the parents in such a way they couldn’t see what he was doing. Sick ■■■■■■■


A time to kill Rochey? Yep agree, wouldnt think twice about it.


You’re fully correct. “A time to kill”. Brilliant movie!


Funny story about 'A time to kill '. Was in Atlanta. Mate lives there. His other half worked in a cinema. He told her to get us 2 free tickets go the first screening. Happy days till we realised we were the only 2 white people in the cinema. When the woman slapped the KKK leader the whole place erupted and stood up clapping. Had to drag the other half up on her feet, started clapping and yelling like a brother… Mate asked me how we got on .pissed himself laughing. Knew we would be the only 2 whites there and had see the film in Alabama week previous


A John Grisham novel?
Brenda Fricker is in it, also, isn’t she?
AND… Sandra Bulloch!


You know when you’re at a funeral and they’re doing the readings and invariably someone reads Ecclesiastes

“For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant and a time to harvest…”

and so on

And it’s really sad but
you still find yourself singing “The Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn!” in your head?

Just me?
Fair enough :slight_smile:


They ripped off the Bible :grimacing:, never knew that .


Gangnam styl-ee.


One of the greatest tunes of the 60s. It’s sad to see that they changed their own original lyrics (or the bible?) from “a time to reap and a time to sew”. :wink: The harmonies in that tune are just too good, never mind the guitars.

I’d love to have a time-machine to visit a day (in the life!) back in the mid-to-late 60s in Britain and America when songs like that/albums like that were released and first played on the radio. It would be like a very expensive holiday. Maybe one day…or we will all develop the capacity to do it ourselves through our consciousness…man.

The nearest things I can think of to that in my time were for example when U2 released Unforgettable Fire and especially Joshua Tree, Springsteen’s BITUSA, Radiohead’s Ok Computer and Kid-A.