Get It Off Your Chest


Talk about Roman, where is he these days? Is it not around this time he abandons his caribbean island to watch the league in his corporate box?


Scrap the alarm. Get a dog. We’ve had dogs ever since we moved into our home and not once have they attempted to break into our place, while a good few of the neighbours have suffered the fate… (I hope that’s not a kiss of death!)


I have a dog although he wouldn’t be worth a ■■■■.


I got Setanta sports once. Didn’t realise it was a rollover contract, then two days after the renewal I realised and contacted them. Told them I really didn’t want it. Got all the usual I’m really sorry sir thats most unfortunate nothing we can do now shite. Argued it reasonably for about 10 minutes, then asked for a supervisor, same story, asked for someone higher, told to send in writing. Argued some more. Sent in writing, got a lovely pleasantly worded response saying that’s most unfortunate but there’s nothing we can do it’s our policy etc etc set in stone can’t change the computer processing once it’s done, can’t turn those machines back on. Didn’t even offer me a bonus or something off, complete and utter intransigence.

Afterwards I thought to myself, does this really gain them anything? I would never deal with them or anyone connected to them ever again. I told everyone I know (except Joe). It must’ve been horrible to work for them but maybe emotes eventually turned against them, who knows. They disappeared a couple of years later.
Ryanair model of business has a lot to answer for.


I have been trying to cancel Eir/BT Sports since September. Every time I call them the end up giving it to me for another 2 months for 15 per month and convince me that if I cancel now, I still have to give 30 days notice which will cost 28 anyway, so for another 2 euro I get an extra month and just ring back before this date and then I would be able to cancel without paying the extra month, so I’ve marked it in the calendar this time.
They are good sales people in fairness. They have everything saved in their files, what sports and teams you follow and then start telling you how many games were coming for those teams


That’s gas - you need to get on Hartlepool … that’ll soon stymie them.


yeah they are good at that - having the general chit chat one of the days and mentioned id be on holiday soon. ended up getting a deal - even though i wanted to cancel.

Rang up again to cancel a few month later , was asked how the holiday was !!

My father in law has Eir broad band so i have his details to log into the app and cast it to the TV - Good app for that and not about 3 minutes behind like sky go


16 months with 12 months suspended. So 4 months imprisonment with 25% remission means in reality he’s in for 3 months.

Judges in this country live in cloud cuckoo land. Absolutely appalling sentence . Not surprising given this particular judge though


Is there no calling into question this particular Judge? He is very very light on sentencing.


Unless you skimp on VAT on garlic but pay it back in full…


Disgraceful but not in the least bit surprising




Now is not the time to talk about gun control… Expect the usual lines from the right wing


I presume this will also apply to the Union Jack on 12th July…


Of all the parades up here…St Patrick’s is by far the most multi-cultural.

Kids from the Falls and Shankhill led the Belfast parade last year.

And unlike the Orange Marching Season - which really does last a season - St Pat’s is 1 day.

Bottom line is that anything Irish is enough to put unionist politicians off. I personally would like to see them be part of the proceedings as it would send out a positive signal.

It’s ok to have Orange parades in quasi-military uniforms…but not green-painted snakes and dragon costumes.


And lest we forget what the Orange on the flag represents which is Ironic given their excuse is "cross community relations "


For me, it’s a lost opportunity.

What a better way of showing things have moved on, than if Arlene Foster was photographed at the start of the Belfast parade.

The flip-side is that part of her support base sees anything Irish as offensive.

Martin McG offered to attend an Orange Parade - which is overtly political - but was knocked back.

Two steps forwards and two steps back.


Driving to Dublin to watch game against Tyrone in 2005, had Dublin flags on the car & had to pass Orange brethren gathering at Orange hall at Clifton street. Have to admit I was happy the boys in green were there. Took some verbals & dirty looks that day!


I know…the intolerance is mental.

Back in the day, the DUP’s Sammy Wilson called the GAA the political wing of the IRA.

That’s why it’s important for politicians to set an example.

It’s no wonder people from here escape to Donegal in July.


Ahh…they were the days!