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They do , that’s why their broadband is 3 times the speed of anything out there .


Post on a Saturday! Either your postie is very diligent or a lazy ■■■■■■■, can t figure out which.


Bit of both , never any good post at the end of the week :drooling_face:


Didn’t know that cheers!


Have eircom phonewatch in the gaff paying 40 quid a month for it. Just rang them up there to see what I’m getting for that and she says monitoring and maintenance, Well there has never been a need for maintenance in 3 years and the fact that I very rarely set the fookin thing means there is not a whole lot of monitoring being done either. So I ask how can I cancel it. ‘One sec while I look at your contract’ grand I thought, I’m here 3 years and dont remember renewing it. So she comes back and says I’m in contract until December and am liable for the rest of the year if I break that. When did I sign a contract for another year?
Apparently, and this is the reason for the post, they sent me out an invoice in December for the normal monthly amount, which I obviously read and threw it out. She says, if you had of turned it over under the terms and conditions, you have 30 days from the date of this invoice to cancel the contract, if you do not, once payment is received, we will take this as your agreement for another 12 month contract. Have never heard of this before, anyone else?


Well , as I posted above , I got a separate letter about the €5 increase . Pretty much says what’s quoted here .
They should have sent you a separate letter maybe to highlight it . Sneaky , all the same .


I don’t have it… never had it. One reason being that many years ago I saw one or two guys driving around in Eircom Phonewatch vans, presumably employed as engineers. I wouldn’t have trusted these guys with 50 cents, never mind me gaff.

I’d contact them to say that you never received the invoice in the post. Failing that, I’d wait for them to increase their price at some stage this year and then cancel - assuming you can do so like out of an energy contract or a phone contract. I would also try consulting the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.


Don’t have an alarm, head got mashed trying to negotiate house insurance, was it on, was it not on? I have a baseball bat called nipper though.


They had that ad where they actually invite the burglars into the house!!! Jaysus that put me right off …


i leave the alarm off house insurance policy’s - while i’ll set it 99 times out of 100. the darling wife rarely sets it.
as for eircom phone watch , waste of money , just talk to your neighbours and keep an eye out for each others alarms.


What if you dont talk to your neighbours :joy:


Similar experience of it myself. The direct debits kept coming after the year I thought I signed up for, couldn’t get them on the phone so I let the direct debit go unpaid intentionally and they cut off the alarm because my contract had been renewed without me knowing. Initially I was told the monthly fee was compulsory for one year then I didn’t need to have it should I chose not to.
I didn’t even know they could access the system remotely.
I’ve heard from other people that have it that once you don’t renew the contract, batteries and other maintenance issues start to appear. Charged extra for this repair work if your not under contract. All an act to keep you paying the monthly instalment.


Perhaps they should be called Eir Con?


Has major issues with the sensors been too sensitive & going off all the time . We had engineers out twice & the problem persisted . In the end we just gave up & stopped turning it on .


in-laws pay for it - and then hardly turn the thing on in case it goes off and the key-holders get called.

the system is in my house that i bought , never took up the contract on it to get it monitored etc.


Wouldn’t leave the house without setting an alarm. Even to empty the post box. Mind you that’s a kilometre away down the driveway.


Are you Romans butler?



Oh nicely done.


I think there’s a guy called Roman on the staff. Slops out the horses if he’s the lad I’m thinking of. Simple type of boy.