GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Nothing on my credit card yet.

Hill s/t holders being done later than the stand folks, as postage of tickets isn’t an issue, perhaps?


You don’t get an AI ticket if your a season ticket ticket holder for an AI in the Hill ?? How do ya get in , scan it ??




Got tapped up for the spons at last. Happy days.


Is there likely to be a massive queue next Tuesday at Dorset St ticket office? Do I need to take a day off work? 1st yr with the Parnell Pass so not sure whats gone on in previous years.


You need to be there on Sunday night with your flask, sandwiches and sleeping bag to be sure …


There will be a Q on Tuesday morning however as you have a Pass you are entitled to a ticket & can purchase it up until Friday evening.

The ticket office is open 10am – 7pm on Tuesday 10am - 5pm Wednesday to Friday. So pick a time that suits you.


Got an email from the season ticket crowd saying that you should receive your ticket in the post by the beginning of next week.


Strange that many of the Mayo season ticket holders I know received their tickets as early as last Monday.


Wow , did you get an email like dubinhell ?


makes sense dcr22B - they had an extra week to process their season ticket allocation


Didn’t think of it like that, not sure what way their emails were in terms of cut-off etc.

For the record, they’re not happy at being scattered all through the Lower Cusack


Apparently it’s the best missile launching area in the stadium …


Neither am I … That’s where I sit.
Put them somewhere else… The Aviva will be empty that day :grin:


Tickets just arrived in the post today. 304, happy days!

The letter is a nice touch


Keep an eye on the postie this morning lads, mine just arrived! 304 though, thought season tickets had to be 305-307, tried searching the T’s & C’s as it defo used to be on there but cant see anything anymore


I think the terms regarding All Ireland ticket changed for the 2015 season ticket. I ended up in 309 for last years All Ireland.


Just to add, i was delighted with 309 last year!

I was up in the club earlier in the week, had a look at the list in the bar, i’m guessing there was 20 pages with around 25 names per page and there is still a week to go before the list is taken down. Big club but all they are promised is 80 tickets, 40 for the Hill and 40 stand. When you take out tickets that have to go to those who put so much time into club work, as well as those who manage adult and juvenile teams, there are not too many tickets left for players, never mind ex players…love the season ticket!


We got 303. Happy to have a ticket to be honest


303 arrived this morning. Not great as first time outside 304-307 all year. But hey ho, row SS so happy with that as prefer further back