GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


off topic, but you should appreciate this - utter mayhem on since this morning as nally tickets for the hurling have gone on general sale. i had two bought and had registered all the details (usuing a workmates card so not my own account as i’m broke) and pressed submit.

site crashed.

been crashing and coming backl all day


actually just got two hill tickets for the hurling final on

if only the football would be as easy…


Lads just wondering if anyone with season ticket has had their money for all Ireland tickets deducted from their account yet .Got an email the other day stating money was to be taken yesterday but it hasnt yet


Give it 24 or 48 hours , all banks operate differently for direct debits .


Mine was taken out yesterday


What Bank are you with Parish?


Lads just an update for any worriers like myself,the season ticket office have told me there was an issue with their system yesterday and payment will be taken this afternoon for those not already deducted


Bank Of Ireland


what was the damage ? prices the same as last year ?


Yeah €80 for the stand


Still nothing from my account yet. Anybody else still waiting for money to come out?


Just checked mine , AIB , not out yet .


Mine is the same. Mine is a credit card and will take a day or two more to show.

If you log into your season ticket account and go to My Tickets it should show the AI Final listed there but with Postal as the method of receipt.


Cheers lads. Mine is credit card so hopefully that is the reason. Checked the Tickets section and it has postal listed against it so must be ok.

Just have to panic now about the postman! Last year I was away the week of AI and it still hadnt arrived by Thursday, had to ting neighbour who works in local sorting office to look for the ticket there and text me when it arrived.


Ulster Bank and I’m €80 worse off as of yesterday hooray


They took €80 off my debit card this morning. :sunglasses:


I have never seen as many people so happy to see money taken out of their accounts! :joy::joy::joy:


Money came out this morning, happy days


Same here


Me too