GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


That was ballcocks, as we only arrived during the national anthem & had no problem getting down to the road to the stand, getting into the stand, or finding seats in the stand. We were in the covered part too.


Mine is updated now


I remember one of the numbers was 01-8658657


Mine updated as well


Mine too.

Great bunch of lads.


Same here .


All of ours are updated, all Hail the ticket office staff!


Ours updated too. Relieved.


Anyone’s tickets showing up yet , just getting an option for non competing ticket holders .


No, I’m getting the same as you.


Email that came out for bring a friend said Friday from 1pm


They’re usually so efficient.


To be fair, I just re-read the email from the Season Ticket office and it says the “Bring a Friend” option will be open till midnight tonight and all tickets would be available for printing from tomorrow at 1pm.


Pass me the smelling salts …


306 for me, decent enough seats.


4 tickets available for tomorrow. 2 adult 2 children, all must be scanned

P.m Sack in spandex


Tickets already updated.


A great bunch a lads.