GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


We got shunted into season tickets entrance in the uncovered stand as some steward leaning on a barrier said the covered stand was full and wouldn’t let us down the road. Imagine our surprise when we arrived in and there plenty of seats either end of the covered stand.


Anyone have the ticket office phone number handy?


Why was the end behind the goal closed too , the one closest to the entrance to the ground ?Was opened two years ago .


No doubt the answer thats always trotted out “health & safety”

I was wondering was it anything to do with there were no catch nets at either end. Maybe they didn’t want all the balls getting robbed or anyone getting skulled by a ball


I remember there was a few incidents where the ball wasn’t thrown back alright . Pity as the support was great that day , could have helped the team .


Or didn’t want a Hill 16 away congregation at one end allowing Dublin to play into a ‘home’ goal.


Jaysus the paranoia is starting early this year.


They crowd wasn’t big enough to have to open either end so I wouldn’t blame them for not doing so. I find the Monaghan fans ok - they know their stuff and don’t seem to have the large single on their shoulders that others have.


Yup, guy on a megaphone saying the far stand was full. Then we got in looked across the pitch and it was only about half full.




I sent it to the Kinahans earlier.


Your torrid love affair with that place continues?


Has anyone’s attendance updated yet?


I love them like Gary Neville loves Liverpool.


Nope, got a generic mail back from them

A Chara,

Thank you for your email.

_The update does not happen instantaneously. If your season ticket was scanned, it should be updated in due course. _

_It can take a number of days for our system to update completely as the data would be forwarded from the venue _
_to ourselves in the GAA Ticket office. _

There was a large number of Season Ticket holders over the weekend at numerous venues.

I appreciate your patience while this happens. If it is not updated by Thursday, when all scans and lists will have been uploaded,
please contact us again.

Le meas,


We’re useless


You need to be nicer to them.


I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.


I was standing beside him and could see that the end of the stands were empty and pointed it out to him. He replied that it may be empty NOW but we’ve let enough people through to fill it.


Emiliano Zapata said that. In the movie where he was played by Marlon Brando he died on his knees. Who knew!


Mad, always thought he had a Parnell Park pass…