GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


No sign yet ?. . . Fear an Phoist threading some very thin ice now


Same, nothing yet, cutting it fine now


Don’t worry yet. Everybody was flat out for the last few days making sure to get @Harrys_Tiles sorted.


The squeaky wheel gets the oil :slight_smile:


Same here, nada yet. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


The postman is on thin ice…Nothing yet!


Got mine today


still waiting on mine to arrive.somebody told me that they are posted according to how long you have them.I got on board the second year they were on offer.better arrive tomorrow.


Arrived last Saturday :man_shrugging:


Better turn up today the mofos!


Like Prince Charles describing his sex life…


well in fairness there are are many mental benefits to horseback riding


Arrived today.


Arrived today


Does the attendance take time to show on the A/C? I heard the scanner beep on mine & my daughter’s cards but it’s showing that we didn’t attend the game.


In Croke Park it is updated immediately, but in other grounds they have to send the scanners in so it can take a couple of days


Thanks, that makes sense


I have been at away games in the past and it was updated early on Monday morning.


Same here and no sign of mine being updated so far. I’m not confident.

You’d swear I was holding a cobra given how far away the girl with the barcode reader was when trying to scan it.


It’s ridiculous carry on , one girl standing at the turnstile , where I went in anyway .