GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


I think they’re wonderful people!


I hope they stand on Lego in their bare feet.


I’m pretty sure they were here by this time last year, anyone in contact to check what craic is? They are pretty decent at replying to queries in fairness,


I’d imagine the brilliant people in the STO are just snowed under. They can do no wrong according to @Harrys_Tiles


I’m just finished wrapping the Christmas gifts for the good people in the season ticket office.


So good you said it twice?


I’m one of those old fashioned types who expects basic manners, civility and competence when I’m a customer.
Manners cost nothing.
Every interaction with them feels like you’re an inconvenience to them.


You need to develop a thicker skin. Very few shopping experiences these days are met with basic manners, civility and competence.


Agree to disagree on that but thanks for the advice.


You’re very sensitive!!


Sez you :wink::grinning:


My friends in the season ticket office said you were very easy to wind up too…


An east wind eh …


They couldn’t even spell easy, the dopes


The dopes that got one over on you, you mean!


Happy Christmas
Hope you get someone to bite :wink:


Ahh well, it was worth a go!!! :joy:


Season ticket arrived in the post this morning :+1:


Same here.
Even came to the correct address.
They must have taken on an intern.
( the saps )


Season of goodwill Harry :joy: