GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Keep calm and listen to Mossy.


How can I get a first time season ticket.


Sold out. Not sure if there’s a waiting list in operation.


There certainly one for the GAA Season Ticket Scheme and think there’s one for the Parnell Pass Scheme as well but not 100% sure


The waiting list for season tickets is closed, they are not allowing anyone to join the list , I have tried several times.


I think there is now a list to join the waiting list :wink:


Really , I’ll try again ( and again)
I only rang them about a month ago to ask again and they said possibly in December they’ll reopen the waiting list if current season ticket holders don’t renew , not really very likely then :neutral_face:


I don’t think the ST waiting list was ever a waiting list per se, in that you had to wait your turn to buy one. If you rang to enquire about buying a new one, the ST office just took down your email address. If they had any new ST’s available after all the renewals were done, they emailed you to notify you of the date & time they would go on sale to the general public. I think the email also contained a link to the online sales portal.

Once that link went live on the appointed day, anyone who knew about it, could then buy a season ticket, regardless of whether they got the email from the season ticket office, they saw the GAA tweet about it, they read about it on here, heard about it thru word of mouth etc etc. You didn’t get any special treatment, or advance booking facility, just because the ST office sent you an email. I don’t think the ST office are even offering to take down email addresses for people any more, not for Dublin & Mayo anyway.


That’s it , They won’t even take details for a long time now as everyone is renewing their Season Tickets.
If anyone here becomes aware of a live link becoming available at any stage , please be sure to let us know :wink: :pray:


Yes indeed. Last time they had a few spares, I think there was only a few days between sale day & when the word went out they were going on sale. A few folks on here missed out as a result.