GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


I was just being extra cautious - I presumed it would be all kosher.


All the very best rules are made to be broken. Am I right Big Al, or am I right? :wink:


It’s a GAA speciality alright.


Any Parnell Pass holders collected yet?
I know last year they were all shoved into 301. Can’t get up till lunchtime myself.


we were upper hogan the last 3 years


Cool. That would be preferable to 301. Have a terrace one myself but just collecting for others.
Hopefully some half decent ones left by time I get up there!


were collecting ours tomorrow.


Collected mine this morning. 301, chap told me these were the only tickets available for PP holders. Pretty disappointing, but I suppose its better than nothing


I had 301 in 2011 and it was banging. Directly in line with Kev Mc’s goal. Right beside the Hill and the roof shaking. Awesome!


301 also. Was that or Upper Hogan


Cheers guys for that.


sounds like the same speel from last year.


306, happy out.


In and out in 2 mins today at 11. No queue at all to speak of. Although they had a steward in a high viz vest on the door, so maybe they expect a big crowd at lunch time.


In 301 ??


Nope. My PP is for the Hill. Throw us down an aul ham sambo from 301, will ya?


Collected mine with a limited choice between 301 and upper Hogan 726.


Got there myself at 9am as had to get ticket and dash back to work. expecting a massive queue like the last few years - there were only 6 people there and by opening time only as far as the butchers - in previous years and even semi finals the queue was several hundred.
Really strange this year!


I used to queue, but realised there’s no point.
They don’t have any brilliant tickets and in my opinion, there’s no bad tickets in Croke Park (unless you’ve vertigo!) so it’s just going to be random whether you get a slightly better than average or slightly worse than average ticket and makes no difference whether you queue for an hour or just turn up a couple of hours later and queue for less than 5 minutes.


You wouldn’t make it up to the steps to the upper hogan take the lower tier :joy: