GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


thanks. thats tough on a player who perhaps played in all the games to the final -( say Cian O sullivan) gets injured the week of the final and does not get a medal. In soccer all players get a league medal subject to having played a minimum number of games.That would be fairer


I will be out of the country next week up until the day before the game. My mother is going to collect my ticket using my PP pass. I put her down on the list of people who can collect my ticket when I renewed the PP pass this year (the first time they’ve had this feature IIRC). I presume there won’t be any issue with her collecting it? I think I’ve seen references on here before to some lads collecting tickets with up to 4 different passes.


I don’t believe they are allocated randomly, or they hadn’t been anyway up until now. For example we’ve consistently been in Section 705/706 and always see the same 20 or 30 faces around us, have done for years. If that’s all randomised then it’s some coincidence.

What p1sses me off most about it is, over the next 8 days now there’ll be Facebook, Radio and Newspaper competitions offering far superior stand tickets than what I’ve been allocated.


How easy is it to impersonate your mother?


She may have difficulty. I just went in with my Mrs Tutu passport looking to collect my beloved son Desmond’s tickets but they just looked at me.



It will be grand . My mates wife collected our tickets last year.

Shes from Tyrone so we wont be sending her in next week.


Shouldn’t be a problem … I’ve collected PP tickets in the past when mates have been away on holiday etc. never had any hassle


A couple of years ago, Nationwide did a feature on the company that makes the medals. They said they make 30 medals, as that is what the GAA orders and pays for. They will make more upon request from the victorious county, but they cost 5 grand a pop. The GAA do have to sign off on the additional orders, as they own the copywrite to the design, as you said.


Seems steep for a fairly small medal.


The gold content is pretty steep and its very high grade too. (Unlike the cheap rubbish you’d buy for your girlfriend in H Samuel… :wink:) Each one is hand made and engraved. They don’t use a precast mould, so I imagine the labour costs would jack up the overall cost too.


It’s far from jewellery in H Samuel I was rared :sob:


Lol… I’ll see if I can dig up the documentary. It was very interesting. I think it was Nationwide. I’m not sure. It was something to do with the 1916 commemorations, where they went behind the scenes to look at the making of the 2016 AI final winners medal, the one that was designed especially for 1916. The one that we won. That no one else has has. Not even Kerry. That one. :smile:


They are regularly robbed and rarely turn up again


Yeah, Kieran Donaghy’s was robbed right out from under him in 2011. The poor crathur !

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Then like Newbridge or Nowhere they’re breaking their own very specific rule!


Has anyone ever been stopped or asked whether they are the designated person when collecting PP Pass tickets? I’ve been collecting various tickets for years - including every game this year - and never been asked.


I collected tickets with four passes this summer and someone else usually picks up my All-Ireland ticket. Never any hassle.


Never been asked for ID.


Tutu’s comment above had me unduly flustered. Carry on.