GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


What are her prices like? :rofl:


And here’s me thinking that was the queue for the Pope.


A great PUCK :wink:


Should that not be in the Dublinism thread.


PP ticket collection deets.

Same as usual.


Season Tickets have been distributed, Mr Postman came good this morning. Tickets safe in hands


Just got my season tickets and absolutely disgusted. Row fucking Z in the upper tier of Section 703.

This will be match number 16 of the season and I’ll have been to 15 of those games.


@Hawkeye seems rough alright, where else were you in Upper Cusack this summer?


For the last few years we’ve always been section Upper Cusack 705/706 in and around ROW N or P. Great seats. Same this year when upper tier has been open.


Way up the back too but in the middle sections. Have always been in 705/6 when upper is open, was near the back too for semi final,


I just find that completely bewildering, how for 7 seasons we can be allocated seats in more or less the same section then for this one we’re completely out of the way … I’ll literally be touching the back wall.


Anyone unhappy with their ticket allocation please let me know and I’ll gladly take it off your hands. :wink:


I know what you’re saying but I don’t consider myself “lucky” to have a ticket for the final. It’s been well earned, have travelled around the country again this season and froze my balls off enough times supporting the boys in blue.

The final ticket is the reward for the previous 15 matches since January. Anyway I’m just venting now…


Swap it with Healy Rae … he likes to catch a few ZZZZZs


Lads like you firstly deserve a ticket and secondly a decent seat. Between reffing and kids playing sport I haven’t seen Dublin half as much as I would of liked to this year so would obviously be grateful for any ticket. Hopefully either get one from the club or the referee’s board. Young lad is looking to go too so I’m on the lookout for a ticket for him too.


Could of got better seats and section meself, but could of been worse also I suppose, 707 R, there’s obviously no structure behind where you land but I think we really should get a decent seat and section more than we have been by the looks of where people have been seated, with that said - I’m delighted to have them in my hand and am absolutely buzzing for what will hopefully be the historical game where we can equal Kerrys 4 in a Row record, privileged


Send them a strongly worded email like @Harper did last season :wink: .
It’s complete bollix though , you’d wonder who took up seats in your normal spot .I’ve been moved around a bit but nothing drastic over the years .



Think the tickets are allocated randomly. Last year I was row x (705 ) this year row I ( 706) much better. Was row c ( 70 something) class seats one other year. Things balance themselves out over the years.

Going back to an earlier discussion about players with AI winners medals -who is awarded them - match day 26? or if they played in a game in the championship?


26 medals are awarded. It’s up to the county who gets them but I would imagine it’s the match day 26 on the day of the final. As the design is copyrighted counties are not permitted to purchase extras. Other designs may be used by individual counties to reward fringe players.