GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


I would be free in at this stage if that was the case


Sure your steward mates would let you in anyway :wink:


My little one closed off the Saturday Game and the 9 o clock news with some top drawer flag waiving. Only time in 70 minutes she bothered looking towards the pitch. She was straight onto her agent talking image rights and exclusivity.


Well reared in fairness :slight_smile:


Bit young to be supporting the Palestinians, no? :wink:


They charge you more for being late and going off to the jacks before half time :wink:


I wasn’t late, I even heard the national anthem for the first time in years :slight_smile:


Must have been your stunt double, unless you were late for the 2nd half


Ah that was probably Brad Pitt, I get that a lot :slight_smile:


Outside swallowing pints at half time in your Laois shirt!


You cut me deep Shrek :slight_smile:


Wait…what… @Harrys_Tiles is Denis Bastick?

I’m confused. :thinking:


Don’t YOU bleedin’ start :grinning:


Ah, we won’t judge you too harshly. At least it’s still a blue jersey…and the story has a happy ending. :wink:



Bastards just took €240 out of me account. Oh wait. Yippeee. Jam sambos for lunch until payday. Worth it all the same. Can relax the cacks now. Off to the 51 to celebrate. Good traditional GAA pub that it is.


The only time of the year I am delighted to see €80 taken from my card.

As @dcr22B always says #ILoveMySeasonTicket


Not a sniff of hurling tickets this year, my Limerick guys have me plagued. If anyone sees any passing can they send them my way?


I blame The Game.


I see Anna Geary is on the game …


Moving further away from being amateur.