GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


And the rest.


Anyone know when the tickets are going on sale?


Scrap that, found the mail in my junk folder


Doing the swoop today but nothing showing on mine yet, No bring a friend option either, anyone get charged yet?


Sorry boys, looks like they’ll do the swoop just after 4pm as the opt out is available until 4 today,


season tickets can be printed from 530 this evening


Tickets are on line now ready for printing


I forgot about this but …

When I was going in to Healy Park before 6pm there was a lot of shouting and ructions going on about access to the Stand. Season ticket holders were being told (abruptly enough too) that there were no seats for them - some quite elderly.

If I recall correctly the reason Nowlan Park was chosen back in 2016 was so that all season ticket holders got a seat. As far as I could see Healy Park sold stand tickets completely separately and a Season Stand ticket only got you on the Terrace.

Can anyone say if this was the case? Also there was very little about this in the media that I read - only a few tweets. A case of … Sure it’s only Dublin fans … who gives a sh1t ?


case like that the GAA cant win. you would hope there would be the cop on to let elderly people in (who can forget the breast feeding mother in new bridge not allowed to sit down to feed her kid).


Indeed - but it didn’t seem to be happening in Omagh.


Had seen posting on twitter from one of the lads in Finbars. His grandmother who’s stand season ticket holder, had paid €20 for the stand ticket,then was told she had to pay another €25 in Omagh if she wanted to get into the stand. One of the lads in club was up there early, was told to enter via two particular turnstiles to get access to stand, it turned out they’d been sent into the terrace and couldn’t get back out to the stand.


That may well have been the people I saw. Seems they were … ahem DUPed …


All season ticket holders were sent to the terrace . Stand was sold seperatly and tickets were numbered for the corresponding seat.
I went early with wife and kids ,they had stand tickets and I had season ticket. But i wasn’t allowed go to stand. To be honest I’ve no problem with that.
There was a few exchanged words from some Dubs alright ( season ticket holders) because they weren’t allowed access to the bar. The bar allowed a way back into the stand , the Dubs just wanted a few drinks , but stewards wouldn’t allow it.

Tyrone stewards were under o


I can confirm it was the case, my own father who is in his 70’s turned away and told he would have to pay the price of the stand ticket to get in.


Crazy stuff


when are they doing the aul direct debits for the final this year lads do we know?


Just got a mail - Wednesday 15th
You’ll need to transfer funds from Switzerland.


Just got it there as well. I never rest easy until I see the debit!


Jasus you’d think they’d swoop for it on a payday! Fecking 4 x €80 blips final tickets on a Wednesday with only a days notice! Not a hope of getting over the credit union in time, there goes the savings, Ah sure at least it’s done I suppose, such a relief having the tickets while others are in a panic for 3 weeks


( I wonder do we get a discount for being on telly )