GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


That’s very strange so, especially if you did get them at one stage. I’m sure you’ve checked the junk folder to make sure they’re not going in there.

When I get my next one I’ll post it in here so you can check if it’s received for your account.


Yes Ive checked me junk… i was getting them, and the reply from my query is coming from the same email addess, its bizarre. Will see if adding him sorts it out


If there’s a lesson here for all of us, is that it’s important to check our junk regularly #menshealth


Yes, I did realise what I was doing when I posted that


Contacting DCB for any reason is like trying to have a chat with the Illummanati of Bavaria. Do they even have a full time person at the end of a phone these days?

Having said that they did issue temporary PP passes when making a bit of a mess over credit card renewals, so fair play for that.


They do. I rang them twice a few weeks ago, when there was no sign of my PP arriving in the post. Got thru to the person I needed to speak to straight away, who had the missing one cancelled & reissued in about a week. Never rang me back with an update which she said she would, so I was sweatin’ on the Pass arriving in time to collect my ticket for Omagh, but it did, so all’s well…

It’s the having to go into Dorset St to collect tickets in the first place, that REALLY pisses me off.


Was over collecting my PP tickets this morning in Dorset street. First time I ever went over there where there was no people getting tickets. I literally walked in and had 4 tellers looking at me .
Wonder will there be even 20k present on Sunday at this rate…


Unfortunate we got Roscommon as the third game . I’d say you’d have problems giving them away for nothing now .


Depends. I’ve the PP and usually pick up my tickets in Dorset st. But sometimes when I know there isn’t going to be big demand for tickets it is just handier to get my tickets in the local SuperValu, as I know I’ll get the same ticket. There could be a bit of that happening this time also.


Yes I know what you mean , I’ve done that myself in the past as saves a trip over to Dorset


am the same - 3 of us have the PP and its tough to get to dorset street from where we are all working , so if tickets can be got online or super value etc , we pick them up there


Is it true the Ticket office on Dorset St is cash only?

I was told it was but found it hard to believe from a security point of view.


Depends. The DCB window for PP collections is cash only. They don’t have a credit card machine to process card transactions. The other ticket windows are GAA operated, for general ticket sales, for all games, not just Dublin ones. They do have a credit card machine. So whether or not you can pay with a card depends on what ticket you are there to buy & from whom. The GAA & the DCB are two separate entities when it comes to ticket sales. Clear as mud, right? :roll_eyes:


It can be a bit of a mystery alright! I remember once having to go to bank machine to get cash and club secretary having to get notes to pay for club allocation. Not the best place in the world to be carrying a lot of notes!


The pricing for the Super 8’s has been odd.

€25 for Donegal
€15 for Tyrone (terrace ticket I suppose)
€20 for Roscommon.


Double header for Donegal game


Ah that’s it … Never occurred to me. I watched it in the pub before walking down!


Don’t know how you only paid €15 for the Tyrone game as price on the ticket was £18 / €20?? :blush:


Season ticket holders get a €5 discount off each ticket up to the final so I assume that’s it.


True cash only