GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


No, but I think PJ Gallagher did last year


Hi Trev,

Thank you for your email.

Your account has become inactive due to a failed payment on your account for last weekend’s fixture Dublin V Donegal.

Your account is no longer active so you will not be able to use it going forward to attend fixtures.

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Páirc an Chrócaigh - Jones’ Road, Dublin


It’s in the T&C’s listed here:

  1. In the event that a Credit Card or Debit Card payment fails for a Pay & Play
    fixture this fixture will automatically become an “Opt Out” (see points 12 –
    22). If there is a subsequent failed payment after all “Opt Outs” have been
    used, the GAA Season Ticket in question will be cancelled.
  2. If a GAA Season Ticket is cancelled due to failed payments the GAA Season
    Ticket in question will not be eligible for renewal for the following year.


Cheers Thanks


Harsh ! Had tickets not show up when a credit card expired but once i updated it , it was fine .


Missed one payment ill have to further it…was just curious to see did it happen to another


You’ll be grand, they’re a lovely bunch to deal with, there’s bound to be a happy ending.


Do the crime, do the time!


The season ticket office are the world’s most evil group, they were probably gutted when the kids were rescued from the cave.


Only because four of them had Parnell Pass’s


Season Tickets are available to print for the Roscommon game.


Upper tier ST holders relocated to lower tier for this game.


I know a lad who had a bad experience with the season ticket this year. He is -like myself -pushing on a bit but has supported the Dubs since the 70s. He got the season ticket when it first came out- 6 yrs ago? Anyway he does not have a smart phone. His computer at home was down. He was unable to access the reminder e mail about renewal of season ticket. So he missed the e mail. When back on line he asked to renew-prob about 3 weeks after the renewal deadline. No joy. So pissed off he was he has stopped going to the Dub games. I feel for him


@Harrys_Tiles is “pushing on a bit”?


I don’t get any of the emails anymore for some reason. I contacted them and they said my email address is the one they have on file but I still dont get them. Their reply came through from the same email address so its not like their email is blocked or anything


Is there more than one season ticket on your account?

For example, there’s two on mine but I’m set as the Admin so only I get the emails, my mate gets nothing. I can change that and make him the admin and he’d get the emails instead.


i almost went the same way after my PP lapsed, but then said sod it i wont let them get rid of me so easily. what annoyed me was how back in the day when we were not successfull the DCB seemed to have a more personal interaction -esp sean when he was doing the passes - they’d all remmebr me trundling up from tipp each year to renew the pass. then it became computerised impersonal and ■■■■ you.


Which Seán - O’M?


There are 4 on my account but I am the admin. I’ve added the other lad on the account to see if he will get them from now on


I was told later it was sean og o ceallachain but he was just nice sean to me :grinning: he knew all about the tipp club scene (would make sense from the results programme he used to do, which was stopped when he died sadly)