GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Cheers boss.


It’s no problem at all.

I’ve never printed off my ticket as I always just use my phone.


Excellent thanks


As per, works fine. The only issue can be if you have an app - such as Twilight or similar - that ‘overlays’ the screen, it can cause the reader to fail. Simply turn off the app, or they can manually enter the bar code.


My ticket wouldn’t scan today due to scanner error so it was manually entered and my attendance was updated accordingly


Because I used bring a friend option , ended up in 312 right up the back I the corner , Brutal seats. Seems you are punished for using this option.


Yes you will be moved for using the friend option, happened me before too


It’s not so much punishing you, as it is punishing your friend for not being a season ticket holder. There are only so many really “good” ST seats to go around. If your friend got to sit beside you in the good seats, another season ticket holder would have to move to make way for him. That’s not really fair to your fellow ST holders. So the people who bring friends are the ones to get moved & not them. Seems a fair enough system if you look at bigger picture overall.


Ah I understand that and fair enough. Family go with me now for the last 2 years. So I use the bring a friend option regularly.
Just yesterday was particularly bad.
I turned to wife and said next game I’m using my season ticket and you’s can get your tickets in supervalue :smile:


Phew. Am really glad now I edited my post to say “the ones who get moved” and not “shifted”…:rofl:


A mate of mine from Donegal used Bring a Friend for last night and ended up in 314.


The headline in tomorrow’s tabloids:

My seedy life and the shame of it all by DCR


Would like to see some form of unreserved seating, would encourage some to get to the game on time too. Reserved seating fine for AI semi finals and final when full house expected.


It depends on how quickly you apply for the ‘bring a friend’ tickets. If you’re in straight away you can get half decent ones 310/311 but the longer you leave it the worse the tickets are


I’ve never used it myself so have no idea what would be on the table.


Haven’t actually used it myself but was thinking of it for one of the games last year. I checked as soon as we got the email and could have got decent 309 tickets, but when I went to buy them later that night I was offered 313 so didn’t bother.


I can’t travel on Saturday and went to opt out last night but the deadline was poxy last Sunday night (is that earlier than usual?)

So there’s a ticket going spare if any ressers need it. I can meet you or post it or whatever


I sent you a pm


Anyone ever had their season ticket cancelled for missing a payment ??? :thinking:


Don’t see how they could cancel your season ticket if you missed a payment mid season… You just don’t get a ticket for the game in question if your payment doesn’t go through.

Your Season ticket renewal came out at the start of the season for €120 did it not?