GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Good Afternoon,

The Dublin Senior Footballers will play Tyrone in Phase 2 of the All Ireland Quarter Finals in Healy Park, Omagh, on Saturday 21st July.

Parnell Pass Holders can purchase their tickets from the GAA Ticket Office on Dorset Street from 10am on Tuesday 17th July until Thursday 19th July. Ticket Office opening hours 10am - 5pm. Late opening on Tuesday 10th July until 7pm.

Parnell Pass Tickets will not be available for collection on Friday 20th July – we apologise for any inconvenience.

1 pass = 1 ticket. Additional tickets are not available.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Dublin GAA Ticket Team


Season ticket email came out too. No seated tickets for Season Ticket holder. We’ll be accommodated in the Terrace. No paper ticket either, just bring the Season Ticket card and use the Season ticket turnstile.



Yeah you’re probably right. The same as all the away games, although in their wording they are deliberately ambigious I think.

A Chara,

Your County will once again take to the field in the GAA Championship on July 21st at Healy Park, Omagh.

Due to a limited stand capacity, we are unable to accommodate all Season Ticket holders in the stand at Healy Park.

Season Ticket holders will therefore be accommodated on the Terrace and will simply be required to present their GAA Season Ticket card for scanning at the designated Terrace Turnstiles on the day.


Agreed it is ambiguous. Myself and @dcr22B were only discussing this yesterday.


SO is there an opt out option for this game??


If you wish to use your “Opt Out” for this fixture this must also be done via your Season Ticket account.

The “Opt Out” option is non-reversible and is available until midnight on Sunday July 15th.


So if you Opt-Out and went up to Omagh with yizzer season ticket, how would they know?


scanning of the card would not work.why would you want to miss the game anyway-it will be the best atmosphere since cork 30 yrs+ ago.cant wait


Are your nerves jingle jangling ?


Just realised I didn’t print the ticket for this. I think I read it works ok before, but could anyone confirm that the barcode scanner works off the phone screen?


Whats the story with premium tickets . Do they take the stubs off when you go through the turnstile . Have two for tonight but want to scan in the season ticket & then go to the premium .


I asked before and was told there’s no facility to scan ST at the premium entrance. So you’ll need to get them scanned at the Cusack and then head around


Ah , that’s grand . That’s more preferable.
Cheers .


I regularly do this, I scan season ticket art turnstile and present premium ticket at Priomh entrance, never a problem


Where exactly is that on the Cussack side .
I presume its the entrance to that left of the museum ?


Correct… there is an archway over the entrance…I’ll post photo later today :wink:


Excellent , cheers !


Anyone know if the ticket office across from Gills sell the student price tickets there, or you do have to pay the full price & then trek over to the specific Cusack Stand turnstile, that gives you the tenner rebate back?


There is no student priced ticket as such. They have to buy a full price Cusack or Davin ticket and get the refund at turnstile D. Queue can be slow at times so don’t leave it to the last minute to get there.