GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


That was the waiting list to join the waiting list.


i give up!!


Not so fast… there’s a waiting list for that, also.


Really thought they had a mention on the site that those wanting to go on the waiting list could email in. Wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong mind you!




Absolute shocking seats for Sunday, with the size of the Cusack you would think they could accommodate the 4 counties season ticket holders with relatively good specs, apologies lads as it’s not the first time I’ve posted this type of comment mind! It’s been the one big let down to what’s a good system


With the empty seats , I’d say you could be spoiled for choice where to go . Give it 10 minutes then move where you want .


Well and good for this match probably, but not if the trend keeps. 2 adults and 3 kids together can be tricky to find 5 together when skipping a few rows ahead in the league for Jasus sake, but sure look if this is the biggest thing I complain about this year, I’ll be happy!


Where the ■■■■ is 308? Is it even in Dublin?


Right beside the metro stop!


I like 208 … Radio Luxembourg …


Great seats for me, 305 double D :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Is that not your bra size?


Well done making a joke out of my joke…


305 for ourselves this week

Hopefully the same section for the season but we’ve rarely been out of 304/304/404


307 for me.
I asked this in another thread but thought I’d throw it in here, has anyone who went to portlaoise still not got their attendance recorded?
I was printing off my tickets for Sunday a few mins ago and noticed I still haven’t got attendance recorded for the Wicklow game.


I checked my attendance when printing off the tickers for this game and the Portlaoise game was included.

Contact the season ticket account desk and enquire about it. I have an email address for them if you want it.


They’ve not been helpful in these situations in the past …


The brother had a similar problem for 1 of the games last season and they looked after him.
I’ll send them an email


Depends on what humour Frank is in! Wouldn’t budge for me on one of my queries last year!