GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


You would think


Maybe he’s from Mayo … or worse … Kerry


he’s a meath man to the best of my knowledge and a good GAA sponsor where he has shops


He still moans would he moan if o rourke was queuing up for a hill ticket


Glad have the terrace pass. Pay an extra 40 for section 301 and get likely a worse view!
Had to collect a few stand tickets for people.
Still surprised that’s all that gave. Not even been stuck in 336 of the Hogan!!


true but it give sme an option, normally can get a hill up to semi final stage


could still be on 13m line with 301 depending on the seat number anything above 25 i think and your ok.




Got way out dat phelo

up in 733 - same as last year


seriously thats what i was told this morning
i have my own tickets in 301


That’s the queue in front of me


dont slag the messenger


thought @dcr22B had a season ticket - whats he Queuing for ?


which is he, cause the baldy dude let out a F U in the office when they announced 301


Hahaha ye bollocks, for that I’m going to rub my 305 ticket in your face :wink:

Assuming I can reach that high!


Colmcilles draw tonight, bout 65 tickets in the hat up there I hear, they’ve a good few members so plenty of sad faces around Whitehall this evening


i’m happy out up high in the hogan


Just got a mail there , Parnell Park renewals open on Monday 23rd April


“play lotto!!”


Is the Parnell Pass closed to newcomers -just like the season ticket is only open to renewals the last couple of years?