GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Cheers :+1:


3pm according to this


Chancers, the first e-mail sent out said Friday 1pm,

“Pay & Play” applies to this fixture.
*If you do not wish to avail of the Bring a Friend offer we will be processing payments strong textand allocating your ticket(s) as normal on Friday August 11th and you will then be able to log in to your account and print off your match ticket(s) from 1pm.*

it usually doesn’t come out until the Tuesday or Thursday before the game, so hope nobody was caught out that didn’t click the e-mail


What’s the panic? Season tickets are always there for the match.




I got chicken with some black pudding on top in the 306 Concession last week. It was bleedin delish.


They are always there alright, but… Me card is goosed so Changed/borrowed card details for payment, (took numbers/details down over the phone) so eager to know if it went through ok, also interested to know what seats I’m landed in the lottery that the seats can be


The smell is always lovely up there, but thats drinking time, not eating!!


And I don’t think that was black pudding either!


I may have had a plastic bottle of Carlsberg as well. Don’t tell no-one though.


Anallananyways, in the middle of the 305s for the semis. Seats are getting better as the season goes on in fairness.


My brother came back to me with bottles of them at the 2015 final , we haven’t been to a game together since. more to do with him not being able to drink for a full day with me.


Upper Cusack, half way line. Great seats again.


A load of me bo**ix, im in the upper, bleeding Y (that’s not a question by the way) sure look, what can ye do!


You can pretend you’re afraid of heights and get yourself closer to the action. Jesus lads have none of yas done the Croker tour? They’re only delighted to tell you this trick…


Although I wont be there, my seats are 305 this time, spot on for the one I’m not going to!


Why do you think you got them …


Proby gave them to a mate.


Of course I did. Why wouldn’t I?


I was more giving the reason as to how you knew the seat number.
Never said there was anything wrong in giving to a mate. makes sense if ye can’t attend.