GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


They’re gone from me I can tell ya …


Used the bring a friend option for the 2 kids and Missus earlier today.
703 Upper Cusack I took , other option was 301 lower.
Don’t remember it available last year either.


Ah jaysus …, I took ‘bring a friend’ literally and so assumed you couldn’t bring the missus …


Some may not agree with this but I think the PP pass should go the way of the GAA season ticket, that you need to get it scanned and attend 60% or so Inter County matches and get it scanned at Parnell Park.

The reason why there is none left anymore is because hundreds bought them just so they will be guaranteed tickets to the final, lots of people who wouldn’t know what the inside of a GAA club looks like.


Wouldn’t have a problem with that.


Mayo have a similar card system to the PP, think it was called Cairde Mhaigheo. I think they have merged that with the season ticket system and this is where the Club+ add-on came from along with making it mandatory for terrace season tickets. I think this is step one in removing the county specific cards and the DCB will follow suit eventually.


Would they determine ‘entitlement’ to Final tickets etc from the applicant’s address? Or would you nominate what your No 1 County preference is when applying?


It would be based on the exact same way as the season ticket currently works. You purchase a season ticket for a county and a sport and then that determines the final allocation


I presume there is a cap on the number?


Yes currently there is. Not sure exactly what that number is. Dublin & Mayo’s are full hence the renewal only comments on another thread. To incorporate the PP they would increase the Dublin number by the amount of PP holders and decrease the ticket allocation to Dublin by the same amount.


Thanks for all that Whatever. Rakes of them PP passes out the 'Briggan way! Was having pints last Sat night with BB and MOW lads … the latter giving the former a good slagging about the direction the clubs are going … Fun.


Jesus, you were having a pint in Balbriggan? Sorry to hear that




Quality band to be fair…



Did not say that my good man … nor would it ever happen …


Hopefully that doesn’t happen. The main difference between the season ticket and Parnell Park pass is that the pass isn’t code specific like the season ticket


ST tickets for semi’s meant be available from 1pm, still no sign though, anyone else check their login account yet?


Just checked mine, nothing there either. Didn’t realise they’d be there so soon, cheers for the heads up.


What price we looking at here for the stand , €40 or €35 ?


It’s €40 including the €5 discount, and €5 for kids