GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Think we got 306


That we did


Give the auld fella a wave!


Yea one of the other lads got 306 too. We have been on 307 a lot lately and surrounded by similar faces a lot of the time too, so it’s not just me!


Same here, got 07 … hoping for friendly faces and of course the usually totally un-biased “BLUE” view :yum:


306 for us too. Every other game we were 307 this year. We were very disorientated being so far from the half way line.


I’ve always printed off my season ticket for matches in Croke Park. Printer broken, can I just get them scanned from my phone?


Yes. I have done in many times.


Cheers moidun, thought it would be ok but didn’t want to take any risks!


You can also go to season ticket desk if badly stuck.
I had to do it one year , I printed off the wrong ticket which was from a previous game and only realised as I entered the gates .


Modium me oul flower, I know you answered the question and I’m in the very same boat, dog ate the pc cable! So can I just double double check, did ye just take a snap shot of the tickets and then they can be scanned in turnstyle from the phone??


Hi Christo.
I downloaded the ticket onto my phone.


PDF scans no bother , all they need is the barcode. As long as your smart phone can support it .


Lads not sure if many of you’s are on this,
Few extra points on it for season ticket holders


On that alright. Haven’t been able to enter my tickets from last Saturdays game yet though. It can usually be done from 12 on the Monday after the game, so allowed an extra day for the bank holiday, but still won’t validate.


Looks like there’s a “bring a friend” option on the Semi this year, closes at midnight


Can’t remember if we’ve had that option in previous years or not???


Yeah I can’t actually remember meself, I think someone on a different thread said we didn’t, didn’t expect them to be doing the charge for our tickets this soon either, have a christening the weekend and didn’t budget for a heap of semi finals tickets coming out the same time :frowning_face:


Surely you mean Christoning?


Aw Jasus, you’re as bad as me :joy: no it’s only a Christoning when it’s one of mine and I’m hoping to god them days are gone!!