GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Anyone else with a upper tier season ticket getting really shitty seats the last game and for Saturday? Feeling a bit hard done by here with another in the absolute heavens part of the upper, feels like you’re not even at the match sometimes


At least you’re closer to God, Christo …


Where did you get seated?

I’m Upper 705, Row J. Happy enough with that.


Upper tier ? Thought we all in the lower cussack , have never been in the upper tier for a season ticket game .


That’s true, although I don’t need him now as much as I did pre 2011 years, anyway let me know if anyone needs a word put in for them while I’m up there!


Got 705 X , a-z in the upper isn’t the same as lower tier, the way it layers up in the upper is a lot poorer from a spectator point of view I think, if I got X in the lower it would be pretty good but X in the upper is a nightmare, just feel it lacks atmosphere and there’s a definitely a different acoustic around them parts of the ground


Yeah there’s a few of us unfortunates who get booted to the upper when the attendance rises, me own fault for letting the season ticket slip back in 2013 for a year, heard they’re considering a new format for it next year too


What’s this now?


I got stung with X before for the All Semi Final and wasn’t happy at all. Wrote a strongly worded email to the season ticket office (not that it did much good) but I was really annoyed that as a season ticket holder with 100% attendance all season, I had been given a ‘worse’ ticket than was available on ticketmaster.

Initially got an email back to say my ticket was good as upper tier went to row XX, had to send them a photo of the upper tier to correct them! They said the tickets were randomly allocated and sorry I wasn’t happy with it.

For the final, we ended up in Row H or I and had a great view, but again I just think we got lucky with the allocation as appose to them ‘making it up to us’.


I was chatting to a friend I bumped into on the pitch after the Monaghan game and he said they’re reviewing the Dublin season tickets at the moment and might include opening up additional in the Canal, not sure if they may give upper tier season tickets a option to move to lower Canal first or what, not sure what else is being reviewed but the source is usually spot on


Bullshit you can’t add kids tickets onto existing season ticket holder accounts


I know that, Who said you could? Am I missing something here?


I know that, Who said you could? Am I missing something here?


I’d much rather my upper cusack ticket than the lower canal!


Yeah Agreed, me too, you’d still get lower Cusack right up until the Leinster final anyway with the upper


addittional in the canal? hope they are not rolling the PPP into this scheme, although i still havent found anyone who was successful in the “lotto” this year…


Don’t see how they could combine the two schemes. The season ticket is a GAA HQ initiative and run from Croke Park… the Parnell Park scheme is run by the Dublin County Board…

Imagine the fuss if it got out that GAA HQ was running the PP for Dublin supporters.


Tickets available now on at the moment!!!


Brutal seats for this match again, 307. Bet 304-306 will be full of northies!


I hope not , I’m in 304 :astonished: