GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Thats not a season ticket is it?


Season ticket??? Mixing with … you know … the rest of them … heavens no!

Could never understand those season tickets. Having to go to nearly every game. Having to have your ticket scanned … like a common criminal. And all just to possibly get a Final ticket … No way. Just go to the two or three games you want to see each year - and nearest the halfway as possible.


SO the season tickets are 35 squid each for this, is that still including the 5er off normal price? So are tickets on general sale for this 40 quid each?


Not including any discount as no discount applied for Finals. Always been this way.

General sale tickets are €35 before match day and €40 on match day.


Some jump from the semi finals!


Hi , need some info .Father in law from Kerry just been onto me . Looking for tickets for Sunday . Tried & a few other places & are only showing back tickets I think for the hill .It says HillTT , anybody seen this before when getting tickets for the hill ?
Looks like lower Cusack & Hogan are sold out .


Tickets for Hogan lower, Hogan upper, Davin upper, Cusack upper and Hill all on at the minute


Was looking myself and All shite tickets


Just cos you’ll be watching Mayo and Kerry?


Checked on my phone & no Tickets were showing up hogan lower ?


on ticketmaster they divide the hill into sections beyond the usual A,B,C. when you look at the map you can guess where TT, XX, etc is.

not that it matters on the day, as Croke Park open and close the gates to fill the various sections.


Cheers wasn’t sure . His eyesight isn’t the best so he wanted something in the lower tier . He might have no choice but the Hill if he wants to go . I’m just wondering will the hill be full of young yahoos on Sunday .His head would be melted by that ! He’s proper old school Kerry , hang sandwiches & coffee type :joy:


there are some upper tier on for Sunday not sure about lower tier remaining or maybe there will be more uploaded.

ticketmaster have only hill…no need for the man to go there, stands wont be a sellout and there will be lower tier on the day sold opposite gills i would be pretty sure


Yeah he’s going to try SuperValu today . I’m not sure if he’d be into trekking into Dublin without a ticket but that hasn’t stopped him in the past when Kerry were in AI finals .


there will be buckets of them on the day to be bought in the ticket office…the absolute max attendance will be 60K

supervalu is bascially allocation


True , I just checked through the gaa official website & they have Davin lower . That would be fine for him .


wouldnt wish it on him, there will cucack or hogan lower appear even if Sunday at the ofice


Yeah , me neither .He just got in touch with the wife & he doesn’t want lower Davin .Just explaining to her sure hell just be at the opposite end of the park if he’s in the hill .


jumping ahead a round, although currently there are only QF/SF combos going for our side of the draw, there were tickets available lower hogan for the other SF on ticketmaster earlier this week between the half way and 21 m line towards the davin. Nowhere else. Very odd.


He got a lower cussack in SuperValu today so anyone looking they might still be available there .