GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


There now


All sorted lads, thanks


Anyone need a adult ticket scanned for Hurling on Saturday? i.e. I’m scabbing for a free ticket


I received the usual circular email for the Season Ticket (Hill 16 version) detailing the price and the date payment would be processed. Noticed that this year’s Leinster Final ticket price has increased from €20 to €25. Was there a general email or notification at some point regarding ticket price increases?


No football tickets up on site for mine yet, and no email. Anyone else have tickets yet?


Ignore me, a week too early, thought it was in this Sunday!


You do know it’s Meath and Kildare in the final?


I was a week ahead, not two decades behind!


Here comes a nerdy post …

Before that 1998 Final the previous time these Leinster giants met in a final was … 1966 … the time before … 1930 … went to a replay … and that’s it. These giants have met in 3 Finals in 130 years. Giants …


Steep enough increase:




90 quid the cheapest ticket to see Ed sheeran - its a bargin


It’s €35 for the stand with a season ticket, fairly steep and defo more than last year I think, also I thought a few years back we used to get a fiver cheaper on all tickets as season ticket holders (excluding AI final)


It’s a fiver off all the championship games except for Provincial and All Ireland finals. I think it’s good value, particularly when you compare it to the 90 quid to listen to that fellow and his ukulele.


Grand for the final so, the season ticket is great value but €35 for a provincial final and €25 for the "training session semi’s " is steep enough, (I know they keep it the same price throughout all provinces where theryre a bit more competitive at semi stage too) but I wonder if dropping the price slightly to aim for a bigger crowd and give more value to us seasoned lot might be the way to go,


Wouldn’t go even if I was being paid the 90 :nauseated_face:


Season tickets are in for the game on Sunday. Decent crowd expected obviously as I’ve been allocated the upper tier. Great seats.


The last time I was put upstairs was the 2009 quarter final when Kerry just pipped us 1-24 to 1-7 :fearful:


305 in the lower for us, nice


331 Lower Hogan … not great … think I’m about 3 metres off the halfway line.


You not sitting with the Prez this time ?