GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Mine and the wife’s were scanned and updated , we went through the designated season ticket stiles.


Myself & whatever also went through the dedicated stiles but no updates as of yet…


Do you have the Club + option? If so apparently the 60% attendance rule doesn’t apply?


Nope, that said even if I don’t get credit for Kilkenny, I’m on 80%. It’s just annoying that the 2/10 games that we’re not getting credited for are ones that we have genuinely attended.


Jaysus, no idea if my s/t was scanned or not.

Edit: scanned through ok


For what its worth mine updated the attendance overnight


Yeah so did mine.


Still not updated :grimacing:


Same as myself


Still not updated from last week. Anyone else the same?


Mine not updated yet either, emailing them now


No update for me or dcr22b either.

I got this email from them yesterday. It is a farce at this stage

Thank you for your email,

All of the scanners have not yet been uploaded for this fixture.

We expect this to be completed by tomorrow evening.

Kind regards,


Got the same email back from Frank today as well saying they expect them to be updated by end of day today. Little bit nicer than he was about one of the other matches I challenged


Always sceptical about the scanning systems in Croker & at away grounds , especially away grounds . I just always think they will make a balls of it somehow . I don’t like the idea of hand held scanners . They should be like the turnstiles they have in the Aviva . What’s the point of the bloody card . How many times do ye actually use it , at the 3 or 4 away league games . Then print outs for all the games in Croker bar the final . Its a shite system and the result is some people been messed around . @dcr22B @whatever @Harper , did ye 3 go through the same turnstile by any chance ??


I know @whatever and myself went through the same stile one after the other.


No idea


We went in the left most turnstile in the season ticket area.

Nothing updated for me yet either as of 8pm


Same here. 5 of us went through the same turnstile had tickets scanned but not updated yet. Email said it would be done last night but nothing


I’d say that’s the issue then , that particular scanner hasn’t been uploaded but what’s with the delay ? Its a joke it still wasn’t done by Friday .


Yea thats the one I went through too, still not updated!