GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


But what about face painting?


They will also be checking Season Ticket holder’s jocks. Must be Irish made, clean with no skid marks.


They had to drop that because the cornea can develop over time and may have changed by the time you present at O’Connor Park or wherever.


Your nose could be out of joint on the day. Or you could have cheese on you chin after a few pints in the local pubs, giving incorrect readings?


@Dub09 presume Aido has had a bit of trouble giving other people his season ticket so???


No your nose and chin have unique whorls like fingerprints which can only be damaged or changed by burning or dipping in hydrochloric acid. Even if you tattoo your chin or nose the whorl will remain the same albeit a little inkier.


It’s not against the rules. What they were clamping down on was 1 person scanning multiple cards or a person standing outside games offering cards for scanning.

It is in the T&C’s that you can give it to a friend if you are unable to attend. But it is via a prior arrangement and not some random stranger.

Think we discussed it in this thread


Yeah the tickets are transferable to anyone, they had a hissy fit about people scanning multiples, was ever only a issue down the sticks, they never stopped it in Croker funnily enough, anyway if anyone has an extra one with them then pm me and I’ll meet ye at the turnstile and get a scan on it for ye.


Anyone else’s attendance not recorded on their season ticket for the Carlow game?


Just checked and mine is saying "not attended."
Will check back again later in the week and if no change I’ll get on to them.


Mine updated now. Didn’t check earlier


Same here, only updated since lunchtime or so


Trying to use bring a friend option, only 314 lower cusack available at the moment . Won’t allow 302 section.


They’re not f**kin’ stupid Navy … they know you’ve no friends …


:grin:I thought it because I was checking in 2 rugsacks.


Does anyone know the email address for season tickets?
My friend usually deals with this but he’s off sunning himself. Thanks.


But its a couple of years since I’ve had to mail them so dunno if its still live


Any idea when the season tickets will be available? Didnt get the opt out or bring a friend email so starting to wonder whats going on…


Got the email on the 19th . Generally you don’t have to wait for the email I’ve found . If you log in the week of the game it allows ya to do these things sometimes , even print out your ticket before you get the email
Bring a friend ended at midnight last night .


@Harper e-mail said after 1pm today