GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Postman probably still only walking up the driveway … in fairness it’s a fair distance …


I’m lucky enough I can walk to work. But I still miss the bus in Dublin.


You live in Belfast and miss the bus in Dublin. Think I might see the problem here …


That was just us trying to keep you out!!


Why? Are Skerries folk miffed that no one name checked them in the “Our favourite non Dub Ressers” thread?


I see what you tried to do there!


Was it beyond the pale?


What’s the pale?


A culchie puke bucket :wink:


Well he does have to walk by 15 other caravans first and dodge 2 pitbulls.
Might take a few attempts :laughing:


Any word on this lotto??? There is a championship hurling match coming up…


you’ll be ok getting tickets for them boys !!!



lotto says no.


I’ve a extra body with me on Saturday if anyone needs a season ticket scanned?


Problem is that you need to scan the actual season ticket this weekend and can’t print out a ticket


I cant make it and gave mine to a mate to use. Would there be any bother doing that.


None at all. That is fine.


They were making a noise about this earlier in the year, saying they would clamp down on this practice etc. There’ll be no problem in Portlaoise but technically it’s against the rules. I won’t shop you!


They are introducing face recognition features next year so basically there will be nose and chin pattern readings which you will have to match at the ground.


Eyeball scanning is what I heard.