GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


You’re using the official website, yeah? Not



Very good sir!


Just did it there very easy …

Also didn’t get an email but have an order number so hopefully all ok


This is sickening reading, for those of us that don’t have one, yes I know blah blah blah but, I still read it.


Two people clicked on it.


The confirmation email arrived about an hour ago, so they are coming just slightly delayed.


Had exchanged emails with them and got the confirmation mail there a minute ago so slight delay but all good now


I haven’t received an email . I got onto the DCB and they confirmed that there were a number of accounts for which they did not have an email address and will be sending out letters to people in that boat .
If you received nothing by Friday you should ring the DCB .


Just sorted mine there.
received immediate confirmation.


Received my email confirmation at 5pm today after purchasing this morning. So even if you didn’t get one straight away, they’re sending them out eventually.


It’s like Christmas morning in this thread. Heartwarming.

Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow…before going on a cider and hash fueled rampage through the summer :wink:



Gots me email too.

Woo hoo…

Happy, happy days !!!


Heroin scones is where it’s at these days.


Northsiders are always on the cutting edge.


Haute cuisine.


Email confirmation received straight away.

Very simple process.

Excellent job by DCB.


fair play … compared to all the moaning and giving out last week … :wink:

I knew Alan and boarddelegate would sort this …


Credit, and lackery, where it’s due.


Now if only we could print tickets for games rather than having to go in and collect tickets !!
Any particular reason why this can’t be done with PP?


Nothing to do with me!!