GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


took it from the site that they will not be renewed till may now.


Is this definite?


Where did you see that? I was on earlier and the only message on the PP Pass was the one posted a couple of weeks ago.


On Twitter the CB have been responding to any enquiries with the following “an email will be sent out soon to current pass holders with details about renewals”. Has anybody received a notification email about the Parnell Pass before? I know I never have, I just had to keep an eye on the website and here to see when renewals were open.


Nope. I have never gotten one either. At some stage of the renewal process you are asked to put in an email address, to confim who you are. But I have never received an email from them about the PP, prior to my starting the renewal application.


Must be a new process they are introducing.


This year is the first year they had announced existing holders would have first option on renewing. I had emailed them querying it, but nothing back yet.


Think they did last year as well. Remember having to wait as I didn’t have one the year previous.


Last year PP holders had 3 weeks to renew and then on the 2nd May they went on sale.


well, May is this weekend!

i just assumed the way that they keep saying how it is valid till the end of april implied that they werent going to issue any new ones till next week.

I would have thought that the new ones will have to be out before the next round of club games which entitles you to free admission?

i never got an e-mail from them in the past when i had one, i was always alerted to the renewal page by either friends in real life or posters here.



“a waiting list will be available for new members should Passes become available. Waiting list members will have the opportunity to purchase Parnell Passes after the renewal process ends on 17th May and will be allocated on a random lottery basis.”



Seems like they are finally putting a process in place to ensure existing holders get notified and are given a chance to renew first.


They really know how to complicate something that should be quite straightforward and transparent.When they say "a waiting list will be made available " surely that should be " is available " as I have been led to believe I’m on a waiting list there somewhere for years . Secondly, surely a waiting list implys just that, that the passes will be allocated in order of longevity. Where did allocation by lottery appear from and why ?


according to their pages the last month there is no waiting list and none was going to be made, now they are going to make a waiting list but they dont say when. There has never been an allocation by lottery.

i cant believe there has ever been a waiting list for the terrace, as for the all irelands up till last year the DCB re-opened the PP scheme after the all ireland semi finals so there was always spare passes going.


There will be an option to join the waiting list after the 17th apparently.


Think last year, or possibly 2015, was the first time they weren’t available during the summer.


last year, the window was reopened in september 2015.


Obviously people cottoned on to it and bought them/ renewed them as they came available. I remember in 2013 people bought them before the final and then sold them off straight afterwards.


i can understand the DCB trying to stop that sort of stuff.

however my PM is available is anyone would like to flog a terrace to me if i dont win via the lottery.