GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


No. Surely people can see that all major GAA fixtures are now dictated by TV. Eirsport clearly wanted this one for a Saturday night and they got it. Hence it’s in Tralee.


But if Kilarney had lights, could Kerry have chosen to play it there?


Choose? No. CCCC would likely fix it for there depending on TV and possibly other factors but Kerry wouldn’t get to choose outright. They could request it and maybe even be granted their request but they would have no comeback if the request was denied.


Never knew that. Always thought it was county board


Each CCCC (county/provincial/national) has total control over when and where fixtures are played. At national level they answer to TV. And there’s no appeal against a fixture once teams have been properly notified.


Me also.
So… who chooses Croke Park as home venue for those Dastardly Dubs when they play NFL games there? The national media plus several county board chairmen, secretaries and PRO’s would have you believe it’s all Dublin’s fault!


i think its because tralee have lights and killarney dont. eir would be happy with us in either PP or CP in that regard.


Eirsport want the game on a Saturday. They don’t care where. No flood lights in Killarney mean it’s in Tralee.

CCCC sets dublin league games for Croke Park for promotional/financial reasons. DCB have no real input.


You nominate your home venue.

E.g Kerry - Evening games Tralee all other games Killarney.

DCB chooses Croke Park.


Hang on a sec. Wasn’t the whole idea of the Spring Series & playing the games at Croke Park, the DCB’s idea?

Back in 2010, (or thereabouts) Andy Kettle and Co came up with the idea of the big Springtime razamatazz at Croker & they pay HQ rent to hire out the facility for the night.

The CCCC weren’t the ones to come up with that brain wave, were they?

They dictate that the games must be in Dublin, but as PP and Croker both have flood lights, they aren’t terribly arsed which venue hosts the games, as long as its in Dublin. Or so I thought !


So if the DCB want to play Mayo in the Nell and the CCCC want it in Croker then Croker it is??


Correct. That the DCB came up with the Spring Series idea is not relevant. The CCCC decided to run with it. And they could equally decide not to run with it. And if enough counties wanted the games in Parnell, being that we trumpet it as our home venue, they might well do that some time. Fortunately most counties seem happy to play us in Croke Park.


Hang on a minute!

The DCB do NOT pay rent for Croke Park. All monies from all tickets for all league games go to Croke Park, who then redistribute among the counties at the end of the year based on performance.


So why was Andy Kettle - Lord rest him - speaking about talking to Croke Park, about renting out the stadium and the costs involved?


No idea. But games are fixed for wherever. Grounds are not rented out by counties or by clubs playing in club championships. Unless he was talking in a roundabout way about the expense of opening Croke Park for league games.


My understanding (and I could well be suffering from dodgy memory) is that the home county gets to take their costs from hosting the game (basically stadium costs) from the gate receipts, before handing the rest back to central council. So we have to pay for opening up Croke Park, but can get the cost back.

Someone once told me that the two teams playing also get a small slice of the gate receipts, but I don’t know if that is accurate.


At tonight’s County Board meeting delegates were told Dublin requested a Saturday evening game in Kerry and that they agreed. Difficulty is that their only ground with lights is Tralee. Donegal have a bye law which states that Letterkenny and Ballyshannon get one home NFL game each year with any remaining game or games going to Ballybofey. Counties nominate their home venues and games and CCCC make the fixtures accordingly.



they said on twitter yesterday that “full details” will be unveiled in a few weeks. i’m not getting my hopes up.

the non waiting list thing simply means keep hitting the F5 button at the time in case some become available on a free for all basis.


Still nothing on this ?

Renewals will be very late April at this stage