GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


DCB have announced that any PPP not renewed will go on sale in May.


Never got an email from that website. It was always from a season account.


Previous emails came from but it was always in the background



So Dub v Kerry appears to be sold out .
I have a Parnell pass . Am I entitled to a ticket ?


Don’t think so @Yoda as the PP only covers matches under the auspices of the Dublin County Board.


Yep thought as much . Just hoping there was some kind of provision to purchase one . Thanks .


Seatwave … only €850 …


definiteley or rumour pal?


Neither , just a wind up , have a look at Seatwave yourself



Why wasn’t the match in Kilarney, treble the capacity there isn’t there?


TV has it down for Saturday night and no lights in Killarney as far as I know


Surely time to invest in lights at Fitzgerald Stadium?
That said, I prefer Tralee as a town to Kilarney.


Would have made sense to play it in Kilarney on the Sunday, they should have known Tralee would be sold out easily. Sure there was a huge crowd at the match 2 years ago in Kilarney. That was some laugh. No trains this time though. That was a nightmare. Got on the train with seats booked obviously, group of lads already sitting in our seats. Showed them our seat bookings and they said, yea well we had seats bla bla booked, and guess what, they dont even exist! This, in their head, gave them the right to take whatever seats they wanted. There was a few raised voices before we even departed Heuston


usually get a “bring a friend” option on season tickets, wonder if this will be as normal and whatever is not taken up to be re-released or if the options not going to be there all, any inside info on this?


Bring a friend option usually only for Croker games. When you select it you get moved around to from the usual areas they give you on the season ticket.


Perhaps it’s because the possibility of a large crowd behind the move!! Assuming we are still unbeaten when we play Kerry, I’m told that we will be going equal the unbeaten record they have held since the 1920’s … if that is true, messing Dublin about could be part of their scheming :grimacing:


Kerry don’t get to choose the venue. CCCC sets times/dates and pitches.

The venue for and time of this game is all about TV and nothing else.


Seriously Alan - do the Co Board not have the call here?