GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Cash only in the ticket office for anyone yet to go down

Welcome to 2016!


Season tickets are up online for download. I was expecting to receive them in the post.

305 this time round


Got my 3, 304 row u, not bad at all. COYBIB


Wonder why they aren’t posting them out again , is it too much hassle to get them sent out in time or something ?


Is the hill 16 season ticket good for Dublin club championship games?


[quote=“bertie, post:207, topic:340, full:true”]
Is the hill 16 season ticket good for Dublin club championship games?
[/quote]It is indeed IIRC


Just reading somewhere about season ticket renewals , anyone get an email about this yet ? Something about 10th October .


No email as of yet but I do see that mine has on it that it can be renewed.

When I go to the FAQ on the site it is all about Connaught Rugby though


F#%kin’ rugby!!!


They probably know you love rugby so much that they are trying to tempt you to buy a rugby season ticket :kissing_heart:


The bandwagoners up there looking for refunds ?


Got the email too but wasn’t able to renew for next season, just got error messages after selecting to renew tickets.


Tried to Renew and got an error

We are sorry but an error occured. If the error keeps repeating please contact support.
All unauthorised access attempts are being logged.

Just got quite a vague email from No info on when new sales start/end or when the renewal period is open from/to. Clicking on button just brings you to


Just In

October 6th 2016

Be There. All The Way.
Apologies for the misleading nature of our previous newsletter.
Season Tickets go on sale Monday 10th October at 12PM.
(Dublin Football and Mayo Football renewals only, no new sales.)


yeah woman in the office here just got the email for her tipp one. that wasnt working either lol


I tried the New application as I couldn’t renew over last couple year, only option on the link was Tyrone Season Ticket…


going to 60% of their matches might be an easier way of getting an all ireland ticket should we meet them in the final than all the fecking around the last two weeks…

can you use it like in the dail, just sign in and ■■■■ off without having to hang around and watch what they call football?


Catastrophuck as a guy here says …


Have taken it over now ? Havnt heard great things about them in the past .


I think it’s some crowd called Pro 10 …