GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


In the stands or holding hands together in the queue? :smirk:


Bit of both


Best seats if you get there early?


Yeah that’s what I was thinking. You could haggle a bit for the one’s closest to the halfway line.

I think the DCC said in their press release that all terrace tickets would be Hill 16 so there’s not much incentive to queue too early for those.


Thought that they would have been allocated seats prior to collection.


But the earlier you pick up your Hill ticket the better spot you’ll get.


Anyone up there since the office opened, how’s the Q?

Also, are stand tickets gone up to €80 this year?


80 last year


In and out in 20 mins I believe


Presume is no need for ID as mentioned on the Dublin website when collecting?
Going to walk up at lunchtime to get mine but didn’t bring any with me.


Let us know what the deal is there - mate of mine has our 3 passes to collect the tickets, he collected mine in 2013 with no id


I’ve never been asked for ID. I still bring it though, just in case.


you collect this year yet ?


I am heading up tomorrow to collect the tickets I won through the county board and they said I have to bring ID but I guess mine is different as it’s not Parnell Pass linked.


Just back, 10-15 min Q, no security, no ID checks, just need the passes.


I haven’t picked up my tickets for the final yet, but so far this year they haven’t asked me for ID any of the other times I’ve picked up tickets. I’ve also picked up the tickets for three passes each time without there being a problem.


Just collected mine now. Little or no queue. I was in and out in a minute.


Was over myself earlier - no id was asked for (I brought passport and work card with photo just in case lol)


Collected mine yesterday - not asked for ID


Folks - lad i use to work with in Galway has two hill tickets - looking to swap for stand.

Any interest PM me and i’ll pass on the details