GAA Season Ticket 2018


Renewed mine this morning but it wouldn’t allow me to renew the juvenile ticket.

Apparently they’re having IT issues.

You’d think they’d take a moment to inform people of this, I absolutely dread dealing with them, they make Ryanair customer services seem like Geisha girls.


Anyone know when these are due to hit the letterboxes?


I contemplated mailing them to ask the same question then realised it would be easier to negotiate Brexit.


Jasus boys, tickets are usually well here by now, we’re running about a week over I’d say, anyone at all get theirs yet?


If you placed it before Dec 4th you get it pre Xmas .
After that date you get it in January.


Yep arrived yesterday


Yeah ? Hopefully it’ll arrive today .


Grand should be there today so, think I remember something on the mail about mid December, usually goes in the kids Christmas sock and we’re down to the business end of things now


Got mine yesterday, not impressed with the yellow and green highlights on it :joy:


Not again :unamused:


Just wondering if everyone that renewed their season tickets early get theirs? Still no sign of mine and I renewed them on the day they sent our the renewal emails.


Got mine yesterday , it should be on the way !


Hopefully. If it doesn’t arrive tomorrow it’s either a strongly worded email or the postman is getting it in the neck.


REnewed mine on day one as well and no sign.


I renewed on 25 November no sign of the either


Renewed my Hurling Ticket yesterday! Wasn’t sure about the + Club option! So gave it a miss! I know that basic one only gets me into Hurling Inter county games! But does + Club cover both codes for club games or would that be also restricted to club hurling?


I’d email them with your account ( ticket ) number if you don’t see them by tomorrow. They are late this year sending them out for some reason.


Club+ covers both codes for club games.


Thanks for that! I assume it only goes as far as Dublin championship and does not cover for example Cuala in a Leinster semi final!


Yeah, only games hosted by Dublin County Board.