GAA Podcasts

Listened to the Fenton podcast today, really enjoyed it. He comes across as an absolute Gent, what a player to have and he’s still only 25.

I found it very interesting to hear his background and I thought he gave some nice little insights in to his current status and his battles with other midfielders. I enjoyed him saying in the 2017 replay Seamus O’Shea catching a ball over his head in the early minutes of the game and saying to him “Let’s see what you’re made of today youngfella” … he admitted O’Shea won the battle that day but he hasn’t lost too many since then…

Definitely worth a listen and credit to Whelo as an interviewer, he asks the questions then shuts up and lets the person answer without interrupting.


If somebody could edit out yer man doing the interview and just leave in Charlie.


Dalo has found himself sitting in the podcast hotseat (spolier alert: In the company of Ger Cunningham :zipper_mouth_face: ).
Just interesting to hear Dalo’s take on the influence of Gary Keegan during his time with our hurling set-up. Fast forward to the 9 min 40 sec mark.

Interview with Flynner on the Blue is the Colour podcast tomorrow .