GAA Broadcasting Rights


Sorry I just have to take take you up on 1 point,but I’m from a club where certain intercounty players who are canonised on this forum refuse to pay their club membership,so I wouldn’t be throwing that out as an argument.


I thought non paid up players aren’t permitted to play for club or County (I know it happens in every club).


Six Nations rugby was protected originally but could be sold now.


It has to be paid by other individuals,a pure disgrace.


Thought Ireland matches were safe


No they can be bought pay per view. It is no longer on the designated list though current deals run with RTE then TV3 to 2020. But it is no longer ‘protected’.


Full list of protected sports events here

There were moves by government last year to change the protected status of the 6 nations from deferred coverage to live but the IRFU lobbied hard to keep it the way it is for commercial reasons


The 6 Nations is no longer designated. It is obviously not in the IRFUs interest to have it designated - they have lobbied for the opposite.


They bitched and moaned about the prospect of the games being designated


Thats only live coverage. Live coverage wasn’t actually on the list in the first place. Deferred coverage remains on the list. The previous minister wanted to add live coverage of the 6nations and launched a public consultation on updating the list but as you say the IRFU and the 6 Nations council jointly lobbied hard for the opposite.

Its not the IRFU who awards the rights but the 6 Nations council. Obviously the IRFU have a say.

6 nations hasn’t gone to subscription tv in any of the participating countries yet


Fully agree …GAAGO is a joke in terms of quality …have to tell me family no updates during games as it normally ends at least 5 mins after real time …no excuse for it as other stream services I have used are perfect …and its NOT CHEAP either

I just realized I mentioned I found a great site with full TV access but did not mention the name …Its …great value and quality …I am certainly not going back to GAAGO


Sky had the rights to England’s home games for a few years, around the early noughties.


5 nations when the RFU agreed the Sky deal back in 1996 :wink: Got them in considerable hot water with the rest of unions who weren’t impressed that they skipped town on their collective bargaining


How long did that deal last? I thought it was into the noughties.


Finished in 2002. Five year deal from 1997-98 season. Italy joined in 2000 and were actually touted to replace England earlier amid the fallout from england going it alone with Sky.

Sky were invited to bid for the UK rights for the 6 nations the last time the contract was up but the 6 nations council wanted to have their cake and eat it. They wanted Sky to pay big money to share the rights with BBC so the 6 nations would still have a big audience but Sky were only willing to deal if they could get exclusive rights. I think the rugby unions hoped getting Sky involved would spark a bidding war with BT but it never materialised. It did jack up the price that the terrestrial stations paid for the rights which I believe is the GAA’s long term goal from having competition in the tv market.


The RFU will try to go it alone again you can be sure, they regard the shared contracts as subsidising the other unions.


Would be interesting to know, how many people actually signed up to sky for GAA, I know it is impossible to get the figures, but out of curiosity did anyone on here actually sign up to get GAA.


I’ll let you guess my answer there P … :wink:


I took steps in that direction :grinning:


Signed up for a month then cancelled.