For Kimmage and the journos who think they are more important than the sports they write about


deffo the latter.


He didn’t storm out, just point blank refused to believe Dublin were being cynical and not cheating and started shouting over Luke and the other lad that was there…
Both of them came across badly in my view.


Did this happen? Christ sake.


It did happen. Though to be fair to the guy hosting the show Kimmage was deranged at this point shouting everyone down. However host should have read the texts. Kimmage knew that they would be critical so maybe Kimmage was being unhinged & controlling at same time :upside_down_face:


That’s mad altogether. What’s happened to that programme?


It was actually the most manic that KImmage was at this stage that he couldn’t give a flying fcuk about a right to reply etc


I’d say Kimmage has additional issues going on there. Mentally he has never dealt with being cheated by his own respective sport
Now he crusades to ensure every sport is seen in the same light as cycling
This is not about Dublin . It’s was just the GAAs turn . It will some other sport soon


I think ‘Kimmage has issues’ would have sufficed really. He is an interesting guy, but I don’t think I would be the first to doubt if he manages to hold things in relative perspective anymore. Not alone did he manage to fall out with the cycling authorities, which is understandable, but he managed to fall out with a lot of the other anti doping campaigners in cycling too, which is not so understandable.

Personally I don’t think he has a brake on his emotions anymore, and they just override his good sense on a regular basis. I am not sure it is entirely fair on him that papers continue to use him.

It is a pity he has gone off the rails a bit, he could have been a force for good.


Would say John Costello is taking all this shite written about us ,filing it away ,and will unleash the mother and father of response before the year is out .


The fact that Brian o Driscoll told him at the last minute he didn’t want him writing his autobiography shows what a combustable character he is .


An awful shame Andy Kettle isn’t still with us. Andy would have taken strong line re this sh1te also. A great Dublin GAA man!


i’d prefer if he sorted out the Dublin hurling manager


I hope not tbh. He can go a touch ott sometimes. Best left float away on the media cycle instead of being dredged up again in a month or two.


Apparently Kimmage insisted that O’Driscoll give a particular story or scoop to the Sunday Independent. O’Driscoll said no, Kimmage took umbrage. That’s my understanding of it.

He’s an all or nothing type. Total hot-head. You’d be sick of his nonsense.


Would agree entirely.


John C has a great way of doing this though … like punching someone through a wet towel …


definately on the brink, hes ready to implode soon


In Indo speak, thats ‘BREAKING’ or ‘REVEALED’


In cork he’s a langer


And when he does all the usual suspects will be assuming him of paranoia, being a bad winner etc etc…

They did last year.