For Kimmage and the journos who think they are more important than the sports they write about


No your wrong… Cynical play was first invented in September 2017 by the Dublin Senior Football team…Oh wait…






Btw, I know that we are no angels on this front, but certainly no better or no worse than any other team. Cabbage is just shite talking in a desperate attempt at relevance


Listening to independent podcast with paul kimmage and Luke Fitzgerald. Kimmage is an arse hole egotistical maniac. It’s the paul Kimmage show about me me me and me. He accuses LK of taking a cheap shot. He has got to be fucking kidding. He is arse hole.


lads there is something wrong with Kimmage he’s totally imbalanced although sitting beside brady makes him look sane for a few minutes.


Brady is really tim nice but dim Dont take him seriously. Kimmage is disgusting. two faced prick.


Is it just the 3 of them ?


Yeah got 10 minutes in and wanted to smash the computer of the wall listening to cabbage head.


WTF! Kimmage is one fcukd up individual! He is so far up his own hole it’s incredible! Fitzgerald was way too accommodating with him. Should have gone through the gobsh1te for a short cut


Sure that’s a set up Fitzgerald would have no chance


The most important thing here is that cabbage got his big two bit ego stroked. He got to shout everyone down and the indo got more mileage. I can only hope cabbage gets a good dose of the trots.


He’s getting free publicity out of it . He’s learned how to play the game


Must have a book due out and afraid Philly’s book will out sell it.


Not in the last 7/8 minutes of the conversation, which I was unlucky enough to come across.


At a time when this site should be purring at our 3 in a row and eagerly awaiting the Championship QFs it is awash with needle and rancour and anger.

I am dreading the next long dark cold winter - as in 2014 - full of what ifs and regrets and doom. Like they are having in Kerry now - and Tyrone … and Mayo. But it actually feels like that here now … sometimes. At least 3 threads have gone haywire.

On the GPS I don’t care that LK got off but feel that something must be done to prevent a repeat - a bye law at Congress perhaps. I also feel that if it was one of ours it would be very different but c’est la vie.

And therein lies the problem. After Dermo in Portlaoise they have nothing on us. Nada. And they can’t handle that.

We have threads and posts here about people who know absolutely nothing - nothing - about GAA. The likes of Kimmage, Dunphy and others who aren’t even worth naming. They know nothing about the sport, the players, the management - they know nothing about this Dublin team. And we debate the ignorant ramblings of these laughable people. Do we think that any of our lads lie awake thinking about these nonentities?? :laughing:

These threads should be closed down imo. Let’s start talking club champo as we head into another sated winter. Because as long as there is whinging going on about these cretins the more it encourages and validates them.

Remember - to the victor the spoils … to the vanquished … nothing …


Great shout.

Their ramblings have got ever-increasing, unmerited attention (by myself included) in the aftermath of clinching Sam again. What’s the Twitter version of a WUM? A TWUM? I’m done with 'em. Would suggest others do likewise. Heck, even @mayoman can see it!


Great post @Dub09
In honour of it here is a Friday smile


Well said @Dub09, can you imagine the irish media started pissing and moaning about every penalty team ireland gave away after winning the gran slam in rugby. Way to rain on the parade irish media types.

Nothing short of good old fashioned irish begrudgery.


Listened to it myself this morning and Fitzgerald doen’t come across the brightest at all and was out of his depth and very naive and didn’t even have his research done.

Kimmage piping on about Dublin cheating at the end is comical. It’s cynical play but not cheating and I’ve done worse and will do worse in the future


yeah but there is a club championship thread. I agree about these non entities, but this is a Dublin GAA discussion board. I said before I dont care what these guys post or write about in general but as this is the only Dublin GAA board I go to I am glad that they are talked about in here and that - as your post proves - this is not an echo chamber and there is an actual discussion.

TBH I believe that, in some form or other, we are reacting now to years of anti-dublin media attention by pointing out how in this game and others, Mayo are no angles yet anything they did in the match is swept under the carpet, ignored, explained away.

I believe that the fuel to this fire is the double standards of those who are critical of “dublin’s dark arts” who literally - sometimes in the same article - explain away the GPS as being understandable and excusable. You either condemn both equally or condemn neither.

I believe that we are also entitled to comment on events like Dunphy and Kimmage on national broadcasters attacking Jim Gavin and to point out how it is inaccurate and how, when this is pointed out to Kimmage he chooses to ignore any contrary point. It is good to note that the vast majority of non dublin people on the internet totally disagree with him and believe he is out of order.

You dont have to read any thread on here, calling for discussion to the closed down is the exact same as Kimmage telling the newstalk lad not to read out any texts (and the gimp actually obeying him).


I didnt listen at all but was told that PK stormed out when the talk got to the dublin thing?


True that. Moral of the story, I guess, is for us not to be drawn like moths to a lightbulb. Scrub that. Flies to horsesh!te would be more appropriate really, wouldn’t it? :grin: